Getting the Most from Your Converters with A Process You Can Trust: Understand the Importance of Weights

In converter recycling, the best recyclers know their numbers and partner with companies that educate. We encourage our customers to sell converters on assay, the verified analysis of the precious metal contained in the converters less the customary recycling costs. You want to use a scientific method because it is reliable and can be validated. … Read more

Don’t Blame Me!

Last month, I wrote about mental toughness and how Steve Siebold helps people from all walks of life to get better. This is the same Steve Siebold that you’ve seen on Fox Business Channel and all the other stations talking about his new book, SECRETS SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES TEACH THEIR KIDS. Heads up, folks. Review the … Read more

New Sellick Plant Opens

Sellick Equipment Limited recently cut the ribbon on an all-new $21 million dollar manufacturing facility with state of the art technology to maintain Sellick as a leader in the rough terrain forklift market.The new 126,000 square foot purpose built factory, was designed for new product innovation, improvement to quality control and flexibility in product design. … Read more

2017 Electronic Commerce Company of the Year award to

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) Board of Trustees, presented the 2017 Electronic Commerce Company of the Year award to, for its outstanding leadership, dedication and contribution. Award winning Integrated Car-Part Pro connects the Car-Part marketplace and its 4500 parts suppliers with collision estimating, shop management and workflow systems. Integrated Car-Part Pro’s 2017 … Read more

Know Your Numbers

In converter recycling, the best recyclers know their numbers and partner with companies that educate. Knowing key metrics about your converter loads safeguards you against misleading key metrics, like your average price per unit, and increases your bottom line. Every recycler looks at his or her average converter price. It’s an easy metric to track … Read more

The Automotive Recyclers Association Unveils New Logo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) launched today a new association logo, marking a striking modification to its visual identity. Using an updated four-color version of the association’s historic vehicle and globe mark, a blue vehicle color and two hues of green, the logo better signifies the association’s brand today as it embarks … Read more

Do You Practice Gratitude?

It’s easy to feel gratitude when you are at the Thanksgiving table. The atmosphere is perfect, food masterfully prepared, and everyone’s usually on their best behavior. That’s one of the beautiful things about that holiday. Every year at our family thanksgiving celebration, before we even eat anything, everyone takes a turn sharing with the group … Read more

Safety First

A lot of companies talk safety but when it comes to acting on it, they lack luster or even ambition. It is easier to keep doing things the same way that they have always been doing it, then changing. One may think, no one has been seriously hurt, at least not that I know of. … Read more

What Motivates Sales People?

If your employees aren’t motivated to excel then the problem lies first with you, the owner/manager, and then with the employee. The owner/manager controls the work environment and creates the atmosphere that fosters the employee attitude. The level of motivation is dependent on the level of trust that the employee has in the consistency of … Read more

Why I Need Core Money

We have heard a number of stories over the last few months about the core / commodity buyers taking months to pay for the product they are purchasing. The core market has certainly changed over the last 5 years. The core segment of our business has been a true growth opportunity for the last several … Read more

Making Money

As I travel from convention to convention, I’ve noticed that some recyclers are making money and some are not.  For a self-assessment, which are you?  The recyclers making money are doing some things others may not. “Money-making” recyclers keep a closer eye on expenses backed up by good, record keeping. Better yet, they’re street smart. … Read more

Misery VS Opportunity

Two hurricanes have hit in the United States in short order.  The destruction in TX is devastating and the number of people who did not have flood insurance or low policy limits is going to be a staggering number.  The number of total loss vehicles in TX alone is supposed to be close to 1 … Read more

Car-Part And Your Data

I know that I work at but I don’t usually write about Car-Part. Usually, I write about things happening to me on the road and during my visits to recyclers. But, I do think it’s about time to address some questions and misconceptions I have been hearing from recyclers. Some yards think that Car-Part … Read more

Every Part Gets Sold

Parts are sold in one of three categories: As a part sale to replace a damaged or non-functioning part, Sold to a core buyer to be refurbished or rebuilt, or Sold by weight. Bullet number one is what we hope for and buy the vehicle for. We will place into inventory somewhere between 40 and … Read more

Thinking Outside the Box

Having returned from NACE ‘s Automechanika held in Chicago, Illinois, I have much to report. From my perspective, even though the McCormick Place Convention area housed lots of helpful and informative vendors, it seemed like there were less attendees than last year.  That’s not good! When fellow auto recyclers that come all this way to … Read more

I Can’t Find Good People

We hear this over and over again. Why can’t we get good applicants from our job postings? Statistics The hiring environment favors people that are looking for employment. The June 2017 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the following: 6.2 million job vacancies and 5.2 million hires These numbers tell us that there … Read more

Tackling Big Issues at the 74th Annual ARA Convention & Exposition

We expect big things out of the 74th Annual ARA Convention and Exposition this year in Dallas — big ideas, big opportunities, and big attendance. ARA looks forward to welcoming professional automotive recyclers from the United States and around the world to this larger-than-life city, and has been busy planning a program that showcases speakers … Read more

Fire, Fire In The Yard!

Every time I hear about a fire at a tow yard or recycling center, I cringe. With so much inventory sometimes stacked closely together, it could be a disastrous and devastating situation if there was a fire. Personally, I’ve heard witnesses describe, “flames that were high as the sky”, “a facility on fire with rising … Read more