Your Web Site (New or Old) Can Earn You More Money
 Management Article – Part 3 of 3

In prior articles, I discussed how clients don’t typically understand the web, and webmasters don’t typically understand your business. So, both parties don’t know what they don’t know (one of my favorite sayings), and the end result is a web site that disappoints the business owner and doesn’t produce sales. Most of the time, it’s about the lack of search engine optimization, in conjunction with the business issues not being a good fit with the web developer’s skills.

At my web site,, you can find free information that will help you develop a web site that makes your business money, and just how all the pieces fit together.  The following definitions and tips will help you when gathering the information you need to do a better job with your web site. 

  • Registering your business with Google & Yahoo Local – Oftentimes, you can’t get on the first page for a given term, but you can make it on the map there. And after you make it, ask customers and friends to give you some reviews. 
  • Reports to track your progress – You MUST track your exposure for your term’s growth in traffic and where it comes from. 
  • Tracking your competitors – Before you start, go look at their sites. There are lots of free tools to tell you what their keywords are and the “guts” of their site. Or just hit View>Source to see their code, while on the page.
  • Understanding page rank – You must understand it, and watch it grow for your site. Google it, you will find more than I could write here.
  • Knowing your Customer Acquisition Cost – Use this to evaluate your advertising methods. Are you receiving the right exposure from the right market?  Are you tracking your responses?  I recently worked with a client that phased out an outside sales staff ($300k per year) after analyzing acquisition cost. He worked on his site, spending a fraction of the savings, his business is up and he spends more time golfing. Yep, it’s possible. 
  • Creating a content plan – You must have an ongoing plan for who will produce fresh content like pictures of incoming cars and blog postings.
  • Capturing Email – Make sure your sales staff is gathering emails IN A SERIOUS way, and you are emailing a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Or even contacting customers that want to hear about new arrivals more regularly. There are plenty of traps with distributing emails in quantities above 100 or so, you will have to use one of the services like Constant Contact. Expect them to ask you how you got your list, and if you have too many bounces or get reported for spam, you can be dead; so pay attention.

Don’t be afraid to e-mail me for more tips or a question, I’ve helped lots of recyclers and other businesses reach success on the web. I don’t build sites, or want to, so that helps me help you without any conflicts. And ask for my best practices for Search Engine Optimization checklist, before meeting with your web provider. Past articles are posted at my site, or email me and I will send them to you.

Recommended resources (to study competitors).

Google adwords (just type it in) to research traffic for given terms.

WebTrends or other services to track your progress for exposure for selected keywords. If you aren’t on page one, you didn’t make the cut!

Google Analytics – just type it in to find it. Your web provider will have to put the code on your pages but he knows how.

Other terms to type in google to find free tools – “Keyword Extractor”, “SEO”, “website evaluator”, “SEO tools”.

My new book “Getting Your Banker to Yes – Tips, Traps and Secrets to Getting Your Business Funded” will be out in October, watch for it. It’s co-authored with the President of a four location community bank, in a Click & Clack Format, entrepreneur and banker telling it like it is.

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