I Have the First Show Under My Belt!

I did it and it was fantastic. I was very anxious since I had started to get to my first show. After the
first month working here I longed to meet all of those that I have been emailing and calling!
The URG Training Conference was absolutely amazing! For starters their was NEVER a line to the
lady’s room! But in all seriousness meeting the people in this industry was so great! I wish I could
have more one-on-one conversations with each you! I loved hearing about your business and
seeing where I can fit in to help! I have so much to offer each and everyone of you. Of course I
have advertising spots in my publication to help you get your name and brand out to all of the
auto recyclers nationwide, but did you know, now you have someone that can help you develop
your marketing pieces from start to finish.
Let’s say you are just wanting a flyer. You are a small shop, or a big shop, I am not picky, and you
don’t have an in-house graphic designer to help you out. So you open up good ‘ole Word! (If you
could see me right now, I am cringing and if I see another poorly designed flyer, or any other
marketing piece come across my desk, I am going to develop a twitch!)
Where were we? Oh yes. You have a flyer you need done and you don’t have an in-house graphic designer. Well, now
you do! I am not exactly in your house, but you won’t know the difference! As I had mentioned in previous issues,
design is my background and my passion! From the smallest piece to the largest catalog, I am your go-to girl!
Call, write or email! Let me know if you have any questions or have that project in the back of your mind but just didn’t
know where to start! I can help! Just ask Bud from Bud Roberts Company, or James at WEN Industries and I am hoping
you will see Chad from NASCO Equipment’s new trade show booth set up at the next show he attends!
I look forward to the next time we meet. Let’s make it soon!