Kabele Truck & Auto Parts Announces Its Merger With United States Powertrain

Both companies are owned by Wolf Diversified, Inc, a North American corporation with holdings involved in automotive, media, timber and real estate. The merger will retain the United States Powertrain name for all automotive related business.

The executives with Wolf Diversified, Inc, made this merger decision simply to consolidate all billing and accounting to one business division, which will retain the name United States Powertrain.

Worldwide sales for the corporations automotive related business have grown at an average rate of 36% a year over the last 5 years and the companies executives believe the merger will make the companies footprint in the automotive world
even better.

The company has been involved in the automotive business since 1962 and the corporation is a privately held family business. Its owners stress that the merger will change nothing other than strengthen their commitment to their customers and their employees.

All phone numbers and contact information will remain the same.  The employee base will remain unchanged.  The familiar staff member names our customers are used to dealing with will remain unchanged.