HR 2460 Has Been Dropped

You have heard me say this in many articles that I have written, “Today is the Day, we need Build Sheet Data, and All Parts Data to be able to sell a more correct and safer part.” There are many more parts on today’s vehicle than ever. Over 40 percent of today’s vehicle is electronic, and think how hard it is just today for Auto Recyclers to identify them.

The other thing is with vehicles and parts coming at us at a record pace, how are the interchange writers going to keep up? In a couple of seminars I have attended, I have seen a slide that shows 2016 Grand Cherokee Front bumper has 34 parts. A 2010 Grand Cherokee front bumper has 12 parts. Today we have 4 interchange numbers for these parts, so you see why if we had the Build Sheet Data, we could sell our parts like the dealer does. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask for the last 8 of the vin, instead of Year, Make, Model, etc., then 20 questions after that to hopefully be able to sell a part. Build Sheet Data will help us to inventory more parts and take all of this guess work out of what we do.

When ARA and Auto Recyclers were in DC for the ARA Hill Days, we knew that we were going to get a bill dropped by Adam Kinzinger, and when we all went around and talked with our reps, we told them we were looking for sponsors.

Now a few weeks later the bill has been dropped.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) reintroduced the comprehensive data bill – H.R. 2460. It already has 2 cosponsors: Rep.
David Rouzer (R-NC) who is on the House Transportation Committee and Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) who is on the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee with jurisdiction. We are expecting more Members of Congress to cosponsor as well, especially as a result of ARA’s Hill Day visits to dozens of congressional offices.

The legislation requires that automakers provide professional automotive recyclers with the following parts data which
is currently available to other segments of the automotive supply chain: “Each original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part name included with such vehicle, a description of each such part, each part number (including any superseded and successor OEM part number), any other part identification number (such as a serial number), distinguishing markings of each such part, and the software of each such part (if applicable), build sheet information. Additional information as determined by the secretary.”

So now this is where we come in, all Auto Recyclers are going to have to make calls, send emails, and go visit their Rep and tell them why our industry is important and all the good we do in the community and how we take care of the end of life vehicle. Also how we sell parts to the public that are OEM and at a more affordable price to the consumer. If Auto Recyclers were not in the mix, can you imagine what OEM would charge for these parts, with no competition?

The OEM have been trying to crush Auto Recyclers for decades and get us out of the picture, but right now we have no plans to lay down and go away.

Today HR 2460 is our fight. Auto Recyclers, members or not, all of us need this information. Today and for the future of our industry. Try to inventory a late Mitsubishi! You can’t they don’t provide the data to Hollander so that we can have an interchange. If we could sit at the table with the OEM and try to explain to them what we are doing, that would be great. But they are not listening and or don’t want to have a meeting. In a huge corporation, who do we talk to anyways?

This legislation is our hope. We need to step up with money and give to the ARA defense fund to help with this cause. ARA has a staff of under 10 people.
We need to help them help us!

Please contact Delanne Bernier at ARA to send money to help with this cause. Not only will it take calls and contacts, but it will take money and ARA needs your help.

Build Sheet Data and Recall Data will help our industry. We got the Recall Data bill passed two years ago. NHTSA is still in the rule making process, but we are working to get this information in to our YMS today.

All In Grass Roots Effort Today — HR 2460 Thanks! Happy Auto Recycling!
Living the Dream!
Mike Swift