Thinking Outside the Box

Having returned from NACE ‘s Automechanika held in Chicago, Illinois, I have much to report. From my perspective, even though the McCormick Place Convention area housed lots of helpful and informative vendors, it seemed like there were less attendees than last year.  That’s not good!

When fellow auto recyclers that come all this way to get to the convention, it amazes me why would they not want to visit as many exhibitors as they could.  Why wouldn’t they want to learn how someone could help improve their bottom line? If you did visit that area, you would have found me enrolling lots of businesses in Car-Part Pro.  If you are a repair facility, there isn’t any charge to enroll. One of my customers told me, “Car-Part Pro is like on “Steroids.”  It is so fast. Think outside the box; check it out for yourself.

With our busy lives and schedules, we forget to stop and reflect. Therefore, right now, let’s think outside the box together. These days, a few recyclers are indeed thinking outside the box. Some people trip over the box. Others fall into the box. My prescription for you is to “Think Outside the Box”.

All of us know Ricky Young, Past President of ARA.  A few months ago, at a Buy Here, Pay Here Convention in Las Vegas, I turned around to find Ricky Young and four of his people standing there. That’s right! Ricky has 5 Buy Here, Pay Here locations. Last year, we had 7 to 8 different recycler groups attend the Buy Here Pay Here training in Las Vegas wanting to learn the business. The Fox family from Michigan came just to gleam tips on running a successful Buy Here, Pay Here location. All of these dealers are thinking outside the box for their businesses.

There’s a box full of money that a recycler could make for selling 5 to 12 cars per month, if they learn and train outside the box that is. Did you know that joining the Buy Here Pay Here Association doesn’t cost you anything?  It’s free to join!  NABD is the National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers. For more information and to learn much more about them, visit

NABD is “thinking outside the box” too!  I can help you save more money if you book your next NABD trip NOW. For anyone whose reading this column that wants to go to the next Buy Here, Pay Here conference, it’s being held in sunny and relaxing Orlando, Florida on October 23rd – 25th.  Perfect setting for “thinking outside the box”!  Want to know if Ricky Young is going? Ricky’s thinking outside the box and has already booked himself to attend and so have a bunch of other recyclers.

To receive your “Thinking Outside the Box” discount, call NABD now at 832.767.4759 and mention that you read this article. Use my name, D.J. Harrington, “The Car-Diologist”. If their phone rings busy because many of you are thinking outside the box at the same time, then call me on my mobile number at 770-301-4122.  Early bird, “outside the box” thinkers will receive $120 off the regular price for coming to the conference. This “outside the box” offer won’t last long.

Learning from experts in the business at the next conference could change your life forever.  If you are a recycler with discipline, your future would be much brighter after coming to Orlando, Florida in October. Yes, Steve Siebold, the guru of Mental Toughness is one of many speakers presently holding a workshop at this upcoming NABD Conference. You’ve seen him on the Fox Business Channel many times in the last few years.

I love to see recyclers thinking outside the box who also strategize how they can take better care of their families for years down the road. If your business stays inside the box, then your future won’t be any brighter than it is right now.  Attending Buy Here Pay Here conferences are excellent ways to think outside the box. If you have what it takes and can think outside the box, check it out now.

Until then, see you next time.

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