Editor’s Note – What a Year!!!

What a Year!!!

I have been here for officially a year! This year the Recyclers Power Source publication has grown and along with it a design firm has formed as well. As I have told many of you, design is my passion! Can one call their work a hobby?

As I walked around the ARA show a couple of weeks ago, not only did I want to meet everyone and make sure they were aware of what Recyclers Power Source could do for them, I just couldn’t help myself when I saw something that was not quite up-to-par, it was hard for me to resist and not mention what I could do for them to make sure every aspect of their presentation was a good representation of their business.

I am here to help! The Recyclers Power Source publication is here to help all auto recyclers to have a resource they can turn to, to find what they are needing to help run their business cost effective and efficiently.

In turn, the only way to help the auto recyclers is by helping the advertisers. We promote their business and affordably put their name, brand, products and services out in front of over 12,500 businesses.

As I mentioned, Recyclers Power Source is not only a publication, but we have expanded and become a design firm ready to work for you. Due to the tight turn of many projects and demand of good design we have hired another outstanding designer. Due to my pride, it is hard to admit, she just might be better then I am! Tara Lehner has joined our team and can turn your project around fast and make it look amazing. Between the two of us you have an amazing team taking care of the look of your business. Don’t hesitate to get a quote from us. A quote does not mean you have to follow through with the project. Call and see how surprisingly inexpensive it is to keep your company looking professional! Call Susan or Tara today!