Say, “Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger” and “Hello iCPM”

AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years. The pioneering chat app that taught many of us to use instant messaging is now pulling the plug. On December 15th, AOL Instant Messenger will shut down after running since 1997. AOL dominated online chat in North America at the turn of the century.

Reason for writing this article is two-fold. One, some recyclers have not heard that AOL is very soon shutting down it’s Instant Messenger (AIM). When December 15th rolls around, you will no longer use that instant messaging service. I know some of you still use this to talk with each other and even with your shop customers. However, NO WORRIES! Your friends at Car-Part have got your back!

Car-Part’s instant messaging program, iCPM, is designed especially for auto recyclers. iCPM has been around for years and already has over 10,000 users! With iCPM, you can connect with your fellow auto recyclers as well as aftermarket distributors, shops, and insurers. It’s really easy to find and communicate with each other because your iCPM account is identical to your email address (like, “”). In addition to the valuable instant messaging features, you can also buy and sell with your fellow recyclers in iCPM’S Recycler Sales Rooms, and it’s integrated with other Car-Part services like Trading Partners, Wheel Images, Car-Part Interchange, Checkmate, and Car-Part Pro. Plus, you can contact your Car-Part customer support reps with it so you don’t even have to pick up the phone when you need help.

iCPM accounts are compatible with Google Talk, Trillian, and other instant messaging programs, if that’s what you prefer to use. Furthermore, your shops can download their compatible software for free at  So, don’t panic if you’re losing your AOL Instant Messenger service. There is a thriving auto recycling instant messaging community ready for you to join! If you want more information, call Car-Part at 859.344.1925 or visit

Here’s another reason for me to write this article. During SEMA, which lots of recyclers attended, Car-Part was awarded the “Electronic Commerce Company of the Year Award” by CIECA, which stands for Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association. Jeff Schroder, President and CEO of, flew from SEMA to ARA to speak to a group on “Changes in The Collision Repair Industry and The Impact on Auto Recyclers.” My only wish was that there had been more people attending ARA this year. Jeff did a marvelous job laying out the future of the collision industry and what part recyclers can play in it. In his intriguing way, Jeff kept explaining and revealing to those attending that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you didn’t attend, then you missed some valuable information.

Later that night at the ARA Award Dinner, Car-Part received an award from the Automotive Recyclers Association Education Foundation. Inscribed on the award was, “In Sincere Appreciation of for contributions to ARA Educational Foundation and Automotive Recycling Industry.” It was a mouthful, but it captured the gratefulness that ARA has for’s participation. Personally, I believe it was awarded because of their constant efforts in educating the industry on the value of using ARA Damage Codes and the importance of using ARA Part Grading that has done for years.

Don’t find out on December 15th that you can’t use AOL’s Instant Messenger, say Hello to iCPM now. Don’t wait. Contact your local rep or call me to start using the iCPM, Car-Part’s Instant Messaging program.

See you next time.

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