Don’t Blame Me!

Last month, I wrote about mental toughness and how Steve Siebold helps people from all walks of life to get better. This is the same Steve Siebold that you’ve seen on Fox Business Channel and all the other stations talking about his new book, SECRETS SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES TEACH THEIR KIDS. Heads up, folks. Review the URG site for more exciting opportunities happening soon. URG’s up-coming training conference is approaching April 5th – 7th, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in beautiful Orlando, Florida. What could you do if you attended? Who can you bring?

Bring your family and take advantage of the resort and theme parks. There’s no better time to do this than in the month of April. Enjoy all the hotel amenities with NO daily resort fee. That’s huge! Swim, relax, perfect your tan or read a book by the pool. De-stress while enjoying 20% off all the services at the on-site spa or play beach volleyball, or climb the resort’s Rockwall. If you prefer a day at one of the local parks, then spend the day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom with special URG promotional rates.

Additionally, you need to understand that Richard Flint is speaking TWICE during the conference. If you have ever attended NACE or SEMA, you’ll know that Richard is their keynote speaker. He knows this business inside and out and how to help you improve your bottom line.

Don’t forget that the URG theme this year is “Winners Find a Way”. Winners will make their way to Orlando. Winners will find a way to play golf on Thursday, April 5th after which the proceeds from the golfing challenge will go to the United Recyclers Group Scholarship Foundation. For details on that, contact Bo Wroten at 407.620.0274, or you may call Jennifer McPherson for golf or more information on this super, informative conference at 512.677.6202.

When I speak to recyclers, and I’ve spoken to lots of them in the past, I’m always amazed at their first question. It’s usually, “Do you have to be a URG member to go to this very informative conference?” NO! It is open to all licensed recyclers. I guess that’s why the caption under their logo reads: “By Recyclers, For Recyclers!” Whether you drive or fly, come and learn from the best in the industry. Owners and general managers who run one or a multitude of locations learn the same, best practices. Learn from Rob Rainwater, Mike James from James Environmental and E-comply. There are huge benefits to hearing from Mike James and E-comply. Come hear from Paul D’Amano, Mike Lambert, Todd Ensworth and Jim McKinney.

Wait, there’s more! J.C. Cahill, Ryan Falco, Amber Kendrick and Taia Cesana, Tom Bessler, Jim Counts, and yes, Bill Stevens and Mike Kunkel will also be speaking. Come hear from Rachel Whetstone, Dan Marks, and Rian Garner. I hope Chad Counts is not speaking at the same time as I am because I always enjoy hearing Chad speak. All the software companies will be there too, including my friends at Yes, of course, we will also hear from Mark Gamble and Jen Wilson too.

Please do your business a favor. Better yet, do your family a favor and mark your calendar NOW to be in Orlando on April 5th – 7th for the best of the best training conference.

The reason that I titled this article, Don’t Blame Me is very simple. If you don’t have a death or family emergency, or if you want to improve your bottom line, motivate your employees and have the best year ever, then you need to go online, right now, and click on to register for this conference.

If you don’t have the best year in 2018 because you didn’t know about this conference, don’t blame me! Don’t blame me because I have taken two months of the Recyclers Power Source magazine’s space to share with you where you need to be on April 5th – 7th. Don’t blame me if you decide you can’t make it. If you do make it, don’t forget to bring your family with you.

See you next time!

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