Let’s Talk Recalls

Legal Questions

Q Is there a penalty or fine if I sell a recalled part?

A It is illegal to sell a known/documented recalled part. Fines can run up to $21,000 per violation. More importantly, sales of airbags could result in injury or death.


Materials and Shipping Related Questions

Q Is there a fee for shipping materials?

A No, ALL shipping and shipping materials are covered by RAS.

Q How often do I need to ship my air bags and what is the maximum number of airbags I can ship at one time?

A Most recyclers ship monthly as part of their process and while we can ship smaller quantities, most recyclers accumulate bags weekly or monthly. 110 airbag boxes can fit on a standard pallet.

Q Can I deliver airbags to RAS on my delivery truck?

A Due to DOT and HazMat regulations, we ask that you call us for pick up through one of our certified freight carriers.


Process and Procedures Questions

Q There are airbags on recall but they are not on my RAS list for purchase.

A RAS can only purchase bags for automakers that are on our list. See our website for the most current list. Each manufacturer determines their level of participation.

Q I want to know which cars have recalls ASAP. How do I identify recalls on incoming vehicles?

A We do recommend verifying VINS for recall upon arrival at yards. There are several ways to verify VINS:

  • Log in to rascorepro.com to view active recalls in your inventory
  • Hollander issues monthly email blasts specific to your yard inventory on Eden
  • URG has a Recall Hot Key that works with Checkmate, Pinnacle PRO and Powerlink. The Hot Key is available to URG Members and Non-Members
  • For higher volume self-serve operations, RAS can provide additional data integration services

Q Is there a best management practice when selling non-recalled airbags?

A Yes, run the VIN through the previously mentioned check points at the point-of-sale. Once the report displays that there are no recalls on the airbag, print and attach to your invoice. Some recyclers scan that report and attach to their YMS.


Payment for Recalls

Q Do I get paid for the air bags we remove from our vehicles?

A Yes, current pricing $55 driver’s side, $60 passenger’s side. All bags must be validated at check-in.
Note: Recalls are not cores. Recalls are subject to VIN validation, set pricing, and special hazmat packaging requirements

Q When can I expect a check?

A Checks are paid within 30 days of check-in at our facility, not from time of pick up.



Q What training and/or certifications are available for our employees?

A ARA offers ARA PRO which covers Airbag Training & Certification, Hazardous Materials Training & Certification, and Airbag Inspection (see airbagresources.com for more info)

VET Environmental also offers stand-alone training


Cash Flow

Q Will pulling airbags help my cash flow?

A Absolutely! The average ticket for a set of airbags is $115. What is your average ticket?

Q What is your average cost per vehicle?

A Buying vehicles in the $300 range, $115 represents almost 40% of your purchase price. If you are a full serve dismantling shop; put recalls on your dismantle report;
1. Parts for stock, 2. Cores, 3. Recalls. EZ as 1-2-3!

Katie the “Recall Gal” and Paul the “Recall Guy” represent the RAS Recall Team. Their Mission is to rid the planet of defective Airbags.

Want to join the Mission?
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