What Is Mental Toughness?

What, exactly is mental toughness? Is it a state of the mind? Or does it mean being mentally ready for battle at a moment’s notice? I’m happy to answer your questions so you can see it first-hand at the next URG meeting in April down in sunny Florida.

Mental toughness is the control and manipulation of emotion directed at any desired outcome from a Navy Seal surviving in a war zone to a sales professional closing a deal. For us, it’s a parts counter person selling a transmission or engine with a warranty on the first call. Having mental toughness often makes the difference between winning and losing, closing and not closing deals, and even life and death situations. Mental toughness is a physiological training process that helps teams elevate performance, develop people and manage change.

URG, for years, has helped recyclers stay on top of their game, gain information they need to move their business forward and to understand the ins and outs of their business operations. The URG theme for this year is “Winners Find a Way”.  The dates you need to mark on your calendar for Winners Find a Way are April 5th through April 7th, 2018 to be at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Every year (I’ve seen it first-hand) and particularly for the past 5 years, every session is dedicated to enhance the recyclers ability to improve business efficiencies, increase profit margins and achieve long-term growth. Industry professionals that live and breathe automotive recycling, present topics that impact your day-to-day business operation.

Before I forget, I want to encourage you to join the URG Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament on Thursday, April 5th. The tournament is a great time to network while raising money for education scholarships. Last year, URG gave away $10,000 in scholarships. Wonderful achievement! My dear friend, Bo Wroten, heads up the Golf Tournament.

The reason I started with what is “Mental Toughness” is because the key note speaker, for this years URG training conference is STEVE SIEBOLD. Lots of you have seen him on Fox Business News, ABC and CBS. He is not a “Rah, Rah” or “hype” type of guy. He doesn’t use fluff and isn’t considered a motivational speaker. Me, I want you to feel good while doing good work. Mr. Siebold wants you to improve your critical thinking. Does Siebold have the experience to help you improve critical thinking?

For over 33 years, Steve Siebold has been the secret weapon for many Fortune 500 companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxonSmithKline, and Transamerica as well as world-class teams such as US Navy Seals, Boston Celtics, Miami Marlins. Steve trains people on the attitudes of winners. Remember the theme of URG for 2018 is Winners Find a Way. Steve will give conference attendees proven psychological tools to help them navigate and eventually thrive through the emotional storms of business and life. The recycling industry needs a kick in the pants so, as an industry we can increase sales, develop our people and help our local teams secure mental toughness training.

Steve Siebold will be there. My only question is, “Will you?” Will you be there on April the 5th through the 7th to learn how Winners Find a Way?” Make an important decision now to go to www.U-R-G.com and learn more about this year’s Training Conference. And yes, if you ARE NOT a member of U-R-G, you still can attend the Training Conference. We need to help everyone inside auto recycling industry and outside the industry gain insight into the world of recycled parts and the positive environmental impact recycling plays in the US. When we work together, we become successful and then we become winners.

See you next time.

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