Let’s Talk Recalls – Recalls Are Not Cores


  • It is Illegal to sell Recalled Auto Parts
  • Recalled Parts have $0 parts value
  • Recalled Part prices are fixed and not negotiable
  • Vehicles with Recalls should be flagged as they arrive at
    your facility
  • Recalled Parts should not be listed in your inventory
  • Recalled Airbags require adherence to proper HazMat handling and paperwork

This article is meant to keep you, the law-abiding Auto Recycler, out of harm’s way.  Our industry must participate and do the right thing to ensure public and consumer safety. Defective Takata Airbags are ticking time bombs and have the potential to injure and cause death. Have you checked with your family members to determine whether their vehicles are under recall? The shortage of replacement airbag supply is causing additional pressures on the automotive industry.

Licensed Auto Recyclers have a Legal Responsibility to ensure that recalled parts are extracted and handled in a professional manner. Accountability and documentation is part of the safety recall process. RAS is the exclusive buyback partner of defective Takata airbags for 7 Automakers, and we are continually expanding.

Why Rebuilders Automotive Supply? RAS has the contacts and logistics within the Recycler Community. RAS has also developed a sophisticated HazMat shipping platform and intake validation process to ensure the required documentation is provided back to the Automakers and ultimately other regulatory agencies, namely NHTSA.

Recalls are Not Going Away

There are essentially three parts to the automotive chain: Vehicles are first manufactured and sold as new, vehicles are then driven by the general public and commercial enterprises, and lastly, vehicles become end of life. Auto Recyclers own the last-mile of this journey.

Over the last twenty-five years we have witnessed various part and vehicle failures that resulted in widespread recalls due to malfunctioning tires, seatbelts, cruise control, parking brake mechanisms, diesel emissions, and now airbags. Recalls are not going away.

Our National Association, ARA, has worked tirelessly at the Federal and State level to lead the way for Recyclers. Along with our demand for correct recall data, is the demand for our industry to step up and recover recalled airbags. Ignoring this issue will not improve the perception of our industry.

Call to Action

  1. Meet with sales, vehicle purchasing, inventory, production, and shipping to make recalled airbags a high priority
  2. Establish a “quarantine” zone where any “pulled” recall parts can be temporarily stored in your facility
  3. Run the VIN through the RAS portal to determine recall status
  • If there are recalled airbags for RAS, put up a work order to have them pulled or mark the car to have the  airbag pulled when it comes in for dismantling.

Katie the “Recall Gal” and Paul the “Recall Guy” represent the RAS Recall Team. Their Mission is to rid the planet of defective Airbags.

Want to join the Mission?
Call our Recall Team 877-829-1553 x 160