Really? DJ Has a New Book?

After recently finishing a writing project with seven authors, I wanted to share with you what has been included in the book, Race to the Finish Line.  Race to the Finish Line encompasses the idea that anyone can create winning customer relationships that will last for life.  Each of the authors was asked to write a specific chapter that would focus on needed tools and strategies to establish better relationships with customers. Here’s how they do it.

One chapter was written by John Brown who is currently the Executive Director of the North and South Carolina Independent Auto Dealers Association and was the Former Director of Corporate Communications for Rolls-Royce Corporation.  Earlier, John served as a corporate officer and Vice President for Arvin Inc. (ArvinMeritor), one of the largest global automotive parts manufacturers with more than half of its revenues and profits derived from outside of the United States.  John’s chapter was well-written and loaded with lots of wonderful, thoughtful tips. Wait until you read his bio from serving in the White House for the Vice President of the United State with the Honorable, George H.W. Bush.  John has tremendous knowledge and expertise in the area of keeping customers for life.

Keeping with that theme, one of the eight chapters features Jason Reaves. Jason is the son of Wayne Reaves Software which now serves businesses in 20 states.  Jason’s chapter is short but fully-loaded with business lessons that he learned from his Dad, Wayne.  Wayne Reaves became a multi-millionaire but every now and then can still keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Another author who’s also a masterful trainer and consultant is Marty Coates. Marty comes from the automotive industry. He is the person who brings it altogether in dealing with today’s customer. As Co-Founder and President of Waymaker Learning Corporation, Marty is a notable, best-selling Author of numerous books listed on One of his National Award-winning books is Roadmap to Quality.  A wonderful read!

Taylor Byrd is another author who participated in Race to the Finish Line.  That’s right, the son of Tim Byrd from Virginia.  Taylor is one smart guy!  After graduating Cum Laude from college commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army ROTC program, Taylor became Vice President of Dealer R.E.  Today, Taylor teaches that there is always room for improvement. I can hear Taylor saying, “The enemy of great is good.”  Taylor will challenge you to strive to be great and differentiate yourself from your peers. At the end of his chapter, you will better understand and love your customers more to continually win their business.         

Steve Matthews, the President and Owner of Matthews Motors, located in Clayton, Goldsboro and Wilmington, North Carolina has made truckloads of money.  In turn, Steve has given away lots of money to charities located throughout the Carolinas.  His team helps nearly 700 families each month with food, clothing, and financial assistance for heat and electricity bills. In his contribution to Race to the Finish Line, Steve will teach you how to treat your customers like family so one day you’ll give back to the community where you are located.

Our next author, Lori Kahre is the Director of Industry Events and Trade Shows at NextGear Capital. Lori may have a challenging, fast-paced job but does it with finesse.  Why?  Lori understands the power of reading shoppers.  From Lori’s chapter, she’ll unveil how she reads the woman shopper by using her personal keys to success.

Our millennial writer is Cody Healey. As National Sales and Marketing Director, Cody refers to himself as the “tech-obsessed sales hacker” for his family’s business. Cody will teach you about uses of Facebook, email blasts, inventory websites, and direct mailer campaigns for more sales. You’ll enjoy being a sales hacker too.  After you’ve read Cody’s Chapter, you will know “what social media is today.”

Do yourself a favor, get a book for each of your counter people. Make it a “must” read for every employee.  Packed with tips and strategies from 8 successful writers, each chapter will help improve your bottom line.  The book is priced at $21.95 plus $2.95 shipping and handling.  If you buy 5 copies for $100, I will pay the shipping cost.

See you next time.

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