Should I go to Tradeshows?

I posed this question to some of my customers and on social media recently:

Are you attending the ARA convention in Orlando this year?

Several people said, “Yes, I never miss it!” A few said it was too far this year or had other commitments. Some said that they could not afford to take the time off from the yard or could not have employees miss work to go.

If you are asking yourself, “Why should I spend time and money on trade shows and training conferences? Why should I take my employees across country and pay for them to miss time at work?” –I have some answers to your questions!

Networking, getting information, and learning best practices and what other yards are doing to ensure a successful business for years to come.

Having access to many vendors from all over the country in one place, giving you a chance to see what products and services are out there that you may have not known were available!

A chance to come together as ONE ENTITY, with like-minded individuals and companies that are working toward a common goal. If YOU go to Washington, D.C. and ask Congress to stop a bill that keeps you from selling used bumpers, I am pretty sure you would not get in the front door! But, if ARA goes to the hill with the power of hundreds and hundreds of yards backing them, it increases the chances of this bill being blocked!

TRAINING! If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times: training, training, and MORE TRAINING! There will be classes with management systems, roundtables where you can ask any questions that you want from owners and managers of yards, and guest speakers on topics ranging from cores, airbag recalls, eBay and much more!

The #1 reason to attend actually came from my question on social media.

Are you attending the ARA convention in Orlando this year?

Jeff Helgit of B&R Auto Wrecking said:

“All I can say is: We face very large challenges in our very near future. Challenges aren’t necessarily bad, as long as you’re prepared. Preparation is easier when you have a group, actively, succinctly working as a team. Showing up, participating and supporting ARA is our best avenue to lock arms in defense of our industry.”

Jeff, I could have not said it better myself!! As always, have a GREAT month! Call me, email me or text me with any questions or comments.

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Theresa Colbert is a public speaker who goes to state association meetings, at no charge, to give classes on cores, brokering and much more. She offers on-site support to salvage yards in many areas and has been an on-the-ground representative for for five years. Prior, she worked at Nu-Parts Automotive Products for 10 years, was a manager at Winter Auto Japanese Engines in Glendale, Arizona, and at AAA Economy Auto Parts in Phoenix, Arizona. With 23 years of industry experience, Theresa has seen the auto recycling world from almost every point of view. When she is at home, she loves to spend time with her family, play with her dogs, cook and watch football.