Checkmate Top Management System for Recyclers

FORT WRIGHT, Kentucky, July 25, 2018 – is happy to announce that Checkmate is the #1 management system on, with more recyclers in its recycled parts marketplace running Checkmate than any other management system. Checkmate is designed to maximize recyclers’ sales on (the #1 recycled parts marketplace).

The Checkmate inventory management system helps auto recyclers manage their businesses, buy profitable vehicles, maintain inventory, and sell parts efficiently. Checkmate’s end-to-end workflow provides tools to buy, inventory, price, sell parts, manage production, track business information with dashboards and reports, and sell parts in online marketplaces such as and eBay. Checkmate integrates with other software solutions by such as Partmate and Photomate, which allow recyclers to inventory and manage parts and images with tablets and smartphones. These features and more have contributed to Checkmate’s popularity with auto recyclers who sell parts on, with more auto recyclers than ever relying on

Checkmate to run their businesses.

“Car-Part and their Checkmate yard management software has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made,” says Elgin Frye of Viking Used Auto Parts in California. “We’re able to inventory and list to eBay twice as much thanks to their intuitive and easy to use software. Their customer service is exceptionally responsive and always friendly.. We couldn’t be happier with making the switch! We would recommend it to anyone, especially if you list items on eBay.” purchased the Checkmate inventory management system in October of 2003 and has systematically redesigned and enhanced Checkmate for the past 15 years while keeping Checkmate’s many great innovations. has built popular Checkmate add-on products to simplify recyclers’ workflows (including Bidmate and Order Trakker), enhanced interchange with
Car-Part Interchange Plus, and formed peer Recycler Executive Roundtable groups for Checkmate users. In 2016, Checkmate Sales Pro was unveiled, featuring a brand-new graphical interface and a completely redesigned sales workflow optimized for both single and multi-part sales. 2,000 recyclers use Checkmate as their management system, making it the top inventory management system on Car-Part Exchange offers recyclers more exchange yards than other exchange services.

“With Checkmate, we have better internet sales, great customer service, and a company that’s willing to change to make it better for recyclers – and all at a cheaper price!” says Dale Gregg of Strange Auto Parts in Tennessee. is the leading recycled parts marketplace and currently serves 185 million parts from 4,400 parts providers throughout North America. Online marketplaces by (including Integrated Car Part Pro, the marketplace designed for professional repairers and insurance adjusters, and Trading Partners, the marketplace designed for recyclers) power over $5 billion in part searches per month. is currently displaying 150 million images per month in its marketplaces, and its mobile apps and websites power $1 billion in part searches per month.

Jeff Schroder, CEO of says, “I am deeply humbled by recyclers’ support for both the Checkmate

management system and the marketplaces, and I am very proud of the hard work our Checkmate and teams have put forth serving our customers.”