Theresa’s Top Five Fun Facts About Facebook

I was doing some research for a class that I was teaching last month at a trade show. I came across some new statistics for Facebook. The last time I gave a class on the subject of social media, the numbers were much lower than they are now, so I thought I would share some current information since people always ask me if they should use social media for business.

  • There are over 2.23 billion Facebook users.
  • There were 1.15 billion mobile daily active users for December 2016, an increase of 23%year-over-year.
  • And 1.47 billion log in on all devices.
    (Source:, February 2017)

What does this mean to you?

  • Facebook’s audience is massive.
  • They are also very loyal.
  • People of all ages use Facebook .
  • Everyone loves “personal interaction.”
  • Facebook users are a bunch of “likers.”
  • They create 3.2 billion likes and comments every day. (Source:

The funny part about Facebook is the fact that I am friends with people who never post! I like to call those people, “lurkers.”  They never post, so you forget that you friended them back in 2008. Then, all of a sudden, you run into them and they are laughing at the stories you posted about life on the road! I think, “how do they know this stuff about me? Ah, they’re a Facebook lurker!”

I got a call on my birthday from a friend telling me that I had 667 friends on Facebook! I had no clue! (I never look at that stuff, but I had guessed I had around 500 friends.) Think about this: the people in your area are part of the billions of users who get on Facebook each and every day! Think of the advertising possibilities! To those of you who remember paying the Yellow Pages hundreds of dollars every month, do you think you may get a better return online?

In answer to the people that ask me, “Should my business be on Facebook?” My answer is a resounding YES!

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Theresa Colbert is a public speaker who goes to state association meetings, at no charge, to give classes on cores, brokering and much more. She offers on-site support to salvage yards in many areas and has been an on-the-ground representative for for five years. Prior, she worked at Nu-Parts Automotive Products for 10 years, was a manager at Winter Auto Japanese Engines in Glendale, Arizona, and at AAA Economy Auto Parts in Phoenix, Arizona. With 23 years of industry experience, Theresa has seen the auto recycling world from almost every point of view. When she is at home, she loves to spend time with her family, play with her dogs, cook and watch football.