Nordstroms 2.0 – Open House

It was a great turnout for Nordstrom’s 2.0 open house that was held September 7th and 8th at their home office location in Garretson, South Dakota. A large crowd of 500 people came out on Friday and an even bigger crowd of 900 toured their new facility on Saturday. Many inquisitive folks came to see for themselves what a new state-of-the-art, fluid separation system looks like. The Fluid Separation System is undoubtedly the future of the automotive industry.

The Nordstrom family is one of a kind because they started in 1969 when Art and Marie Nordstrom worked hard, milking cows in the morning and selling used auto parts in the afternoon and evenings. Even though farming and milking cows are respectful ways to make a good living, I’m sure they were always thinking of innovative ways to make a bigger living. If you haven’t done it yet, peruse the Nordstrom’s Facebook page and view their latest TV commercial which was produced by Fox 7 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The commercial played just before the Vikings and Green Bay Packers game.

During the open house of Nordstrom’s 2.0, they asked the public to bring non-perishable food and took donations while happily receiving boxes and boxes of food that were donated by generous people.

It was a VIP moment during the ribbon cutting ceremony when the Mayor’s office as well as the Governor’s office arrived. Sitting next to me at one point was Shannon’s state senator who couldn’t stop bragging about Shannon Nordstrom and his wonderful family. Nordstrom’s 2.0 was recognized as a Purple Heart Business. Not surprising! It’s a real honor to be chosen for that award, but if you ask Shannon, he feels it’s a bigger honor to offer his true Military Discount Program to those special people who have served our country in the past or who are actively serving our country as a member of the United States Armed Forces. Shannon believes that our veterans and active service men and women are highly respected and should be appreciated. The Nordstrom Military Discount does that. Honored at all their locations.

Folks, I’m proud of this great family and for all they do to promote the good name of auto recycling. Next time you’re close to Garretson, South Dakota, stop by and see first-hand what one of the best run places really looks like. Learn what happens when you work to put God first, country and customers second, and yourself third. I’m proud to call
Nordstrom’s friends!

See you next time.

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