A First Time for Everything

I’m sure everyone has those experiences in their lives- trying something for the very first time. Whether it’s a new food, a unique experience, we have a reaction to all of it. For me, that first experience was two-fold…traveling to Florida and attending the 75th Annual ARA Convention and Exposition.

This being my first trip to Florida can be a story for another time. Attending the ARA Convention, I had only the impressions of others to go off to build my expectations. I knew there were many people I wanted to meet in person, but I didn’t realize just how many people I’d be crossing paths with. The three days in Orlando definitely felt like a non-stop train of hand-shaking and industry talk, and every minute of it was exciting! For this being my first experience at an expo like this, it was the perfect outlet to strengthen relationships that I already started and create new ones all at the same time.

For those who attended the convention, I hope it was an amazing experience and provided you with a great boost of energy to do better work than the day before. I know it did that for me! I’m already looking forward to the next time we all will gather like this. Maybe it will be at URG, which is right around the corner back in Orlando, or one of the many other shows happening across the country this year. What shows are you planning on attending? I have my first one under my belt and I have my sites on going to many more. Which shows would you say are on your “must attend” list?

Until then, be sure you don’t miss the Power Source each month, we’ll have something for everyone!

Jared Ransom

Sales Director 

712-336-5614 or jared@teampowersource.com