Let’s Talk Recalls: Introduction of Yard App for Airbag Recovery

The “Let’s Talk” Series is designed to help recyclers understand defective Takata Airbag Recalls and make good business decisions. We are constantly working on tools to help Recyclers be compliant with Recall-related laws, while also maximizing Bounty revenue.

We are unleashing a simple to use App to help recyclers streamline their airbag process. What would you think about being able to Identify, Remove, Invoice, and Package/Ship your Takata airbags without printing those VIN Barcode Tags? Utilizing a basic mobile phone (Android or Apple) with cell or wi-fi service, you can use the built-in camera to scan and validate each vehicle.

Efficiently identifying and removing recalled airbags has been a huge problem for High Volume Self-Service/Scrap Yards where vehicles are processed very quickly. We have broken down the play book in to five basic steps for a successful airbag recovery program:

Key Features of App:

1. “On-the-Spot” identification via VIN scanner

2. Validation through Pictures

3. Write the last (6) numbers of VIN on Airbag in lieu of printing

We all know this is a Global Issue. Congress and NHTSA are exerting tremendous pressure to replace and recover more defective airbags through the Dealer network and our Salvage Recovery Program.

Are you a recall BOUNTY HUNTER? Are you on the #yankthatbag bandwagon?

Interested in the App?
Email me at pauldadamo@coresupply.com

Katie the “Recall Gal” and Paul the “Recall Guy” represent the RAS Recall Team. Their Mission is to rid the planet of defective Airbags.

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