What can Stress do for You?

Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar: You have a plan for the day that you know needs to get done, and you may even have your day mapped out to the hour. But then you get a phone call with more work that needs addressed, your co-worker comes to you with a problem you weren’t expecting, and all of a sudden the deadlines you set for yourself are getting pushed back further and further.

Did I just give everyone here a small panic attack? I felt it by just writing that!

Stress is an unavoidable thing in life, but I’ve noticed that there are different versions of stress that can impact you from day to day. There is stress out there that can actually be good for you. It’s that pressure of staying in the zone and getting all your tasks done so that everyone else doesn’t have to pick up the slack. That’s a pressure I feel as the sales director for the Power Source, and I embrace that and use it to be as productive each day as possible. I’m sure all of you have a long list of instances at work where you’ve turned stress into a positive tool, something that pushes you to be better. Even with all that, there is stress that can hold you back, something that’s more self-inflicted. It’s the pressure of trying to do too much on your own, putting everything on your shoulders and not relying on your team when you need them the most. That’s a stress that can end up hurting your productivity, keeping you from reaching the goals you and your team has set up. I know I’ve felt that before, even while trying to be as positive as possible. It’s a tough spot to be in, but it can be easy to overcome.

The important thing there, at least I’ve found, is to not let the negative stress overpower all the positives you’ve already set up. Trust your instincts, and trust the people who you work with every day. They won’t let you fail. That way, you can keep your stress in check and keep all your work heading in a positive direction.

Jared Ransom

712-336-5614 // jared@teampowersource.com