As Proud As I Can Be

Last year while attending the ARA Convention and Exposition in Florida, I discovered that Marty Hollingshead was to be confirmed by the Board of Directors as the next Association Secretary. As an outstanding individual himself, Marty will be joining an outstanding team.

While seated in the audience listening to the award winner announcements, my mind began to wonder as I reminisced on how many great leaders have filled the leadership chairs at ARA. All of them coming from great recycling families, this year’s Board of Directors are outstanding leaders in their own rights. They know the recycling business, first-hand, inside, and out.

When RD Hopper, past President of ARA and Chairman of ARA’s nominating committee, announced that Marty Hollingshead from Northlake Auto Recyclers in Hammond, Indiana was accepting a position on this outstanding Board, I reminded myself that RD was also a fantastic leader and then finished my thought with, “This just keeps getting better.” Perhaps the person sitting next to me was validating my thoughts. You see, when David Gold, Immediate Past President of ARA was named to that position, I said, “Now, we’re talking!” David is a type of guy that could head up a Fortune 500 Company but is a gift of all gifts. Our current president of ARA through 2019 is Jonathan Morrow of M&M Auto Parts which is in Stafford, VA. Jonathan is someone that I would follow ANYWHERE because he and his family are what all recyclers should be. They are true recyclers in every way. Follow Jonathan around for a spell, and you’ll see what I mean. You, too, will be successful in life, family, and industry.

What about Marty, you ask? Marty Hollingshead is very successful and outspoken. Don’t ask his opinion if you want someone to sugar-coat the answer. Marty’s down-to-earth and he reminds me of a famous Georgia preacher. Known for his tall, lanky stature and strong spiritual words, everyone referred to Nelson Price as, “a man’s man” or “a great man of God”. If Nelson thought you were not
in-step with the Church or with God, he didn’t mix words. Marty Hollingshead doesn’t mix words either. He will tell it like it really is because he feels that knowing the truth is important. Marty brings decades of experience to this industry and the association’s executive committee. Marty’s industry journey has lasted 45 years which includes 34 years as President and Owner of Northlake Auto Recyclers, one of the industry’s leading facilities. There isn’t room enough in this article to name all the awards Marty and his team have received through the years. However, in 2016, they earned the ARA Certified Automotive Recycler of the Year award.

As I sat in my seat and continued to listen to the names that were going to serve on this board, I realized that ARA was quite fortunate to have all of them serving at the same time. As the day progressed, it just kept getting better and better for ARA. I am pleased and proud of the 1st V.P., Chad Counselman from Mobile, Alabama and 2nd V.P. Scott Robertson, from Wareham, MA. With the VP duo of Chad and Scott on the team, ARA has assembled a wonderful team of servants for 2019. But, could it happen again in 2020? Possibly.

Please reflect on all the people who have served on this board. Peruse the list of past presidents of ARA, including gifted leaders like R.D. Hopper. I’ve always wanted to know who persuaded Ricky Young from North Carolina, as successful and busy as he is, to serve ARA for five years. Ricky has given so much to this association too. It’s in the books that ARA has assembled a great team for 2019. I ask again, could it happen in 2020?

Later in the day, another member and I were discussing the unveiling of the 2019 Board Members, and he revealed his feelings. “This is quite unusual”, he said, “but it probably won’t happen like this again.” That could be true…maybe, just maybe it could happen again. Together as a group, we are stronger when we help other members. When they grow, we grow, and when we grow, ARA grows. Reflect on the individuals of this ARA team and what got them there? This board is filled with good, informative, mentoring people who sacrificed so much of their family and work-time serving on this board. Truly, selfless servants!

I tip my hat to every one of them. And now, you just placed on this exceptional board one more winner. Buckle up ARA! This team is getting ready to put Auto Recyclers on the map. I’m so proud of every one of you! Marty go get ‘em!

See you next time.

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