Newsflash: Recalled Takata Airbag Crisis is Not Going Away Soon

There are still some Auto Recyclers who have ignored the Takata airbag recall thinking it would blow over. What we know is that Congress and NHTSA have put renewed pressure on the Automakers to improve their repair and recovery rates since there are still millions of Takata inflators in the marketplace. If you have been waiting on the sidelines, it’s time to jump into the action and get on the bandwagon. For those of you who have embraced your role in this recall, your participation has allowed your company to mitigate liability while also generating a revenue stream from the Bounty.

This edition of “Let’s Talk Recalls” seeks to introduce you to some FAQ’s, and 3 Top Reasons for participating in the Takata Airbag Recall.


Q: How many Automakers were impacted by the recall?

A: 19 Automakers have been impacted by the installation of defective Takata airbags.

Q: How many Automakers are participating in the RAS Auto Recycling/Salvage Bounty Program?

A: 10 Original Equipment Automakers representing
22 Makes and 144 Models with 15 years of coverage.

Q: Why aren’t the other nine OEs participating in the
Bounty Program?

A: While not mandated by NHTSA to participate in the Bounty Program, some of the Automakers identified are smaller and do not feel an Auto Recycling/Salvage Program is necessary. We are actively pursuing some of the larger OEs including Chrysler, VW, and BMW to encourage them to join the RAS program.

Q: When will the recall end?

A: The Takata recall does not have a defined end date. Most people do not realize that some “replacements” were made with the same ammonium nitrate design. Considering the massive number of inflators Takata manufactured over many years, “new” design replacements could not be manufactured fast enough, so Automakers resorted to using the original design, knowing they would also be under recall within a set timeframe. Two additional groups of recalls will be announced in 2020 to replace early replacements.

Q: Did the Automakers just announce additional VINs being added to the Takata Recall?

A: Yes, RAS received an additional 1.66M VINs from Honda in December and Toyota just released 1.31M VINs. We will be receiving 1M additional VINs from Ford in the coming weeks. The models haven’t changed, just the number of vehicles.

Q: Are there other companies involved with the Bounty Program?

A: No. Rebuilders Automotive Supply (RAS) was chosen by the Automakers for their expansive relationships within the Auto Recycling industry, logistics capability across North America, and their ability to develop technology to assist recyclers in the recovery of the airbags.

Q: Why did Ford issue a do-not-drive order for its
2006 Rangers?

A: The do-not-drive order was issued due to a much higher risk of an inflator explosion. Mazda soon followed suit for their B-Series pickups. In fact, there is an additional $100 premium on certain VINs in the ‘06 Ranger series. Paul was on location where a yard had just taken in an ’06 Ranger which had the high-risk inflators. The Bounty on that one vehicle for both airbags was $315. Those airbags are now officially “off the market” and on their way to be destroyed!

Q: Why is there a Temperature & Humidity Map related to the Takata airbag recall?

A: NHTSA created a plan with the Automakers that prioritizes the replacement of inflators. Priority was given to older vehicles with a higher probability of inflator rupture while also taking into consideration geographic areas that were more susceptible to temperature changes and high humidity. Temperature and humidity have an impact on the corrosion of the inflator housing and the degradation of the ammonium nitrate.

Top Three Reasons for participating in the Takata Airbag Recall Recovery Program:

  1. Mitigate liability to your company by removing defective Takata airbags from your inventory
  2. Promote your business as concerned for employees, customers, and the driving public
  3. Generate a monthly revenue stream with the Bounty

Katie the “Recall Gal” and Paul the “Recall Guy” represent the RAS Recall Team. Their Mission is to rid the planet of defective Airbags.

Want to join the Mission? Call our Recall Team 877-829-1553 x 160