Crushing it on Takata Airbag Bounty — Andrew Chuckran, Next Generation Auto Recycler

Standing at 6’5”, one could be easily intimidated. With the look of a linebacker, Andrew Chuckran is as intense about the auto recycling business as you can get. What really sets him apart is his dedication to the art of “squeezing”, so to speak, the last buck from the thousands of vehicles that are purchased each year at Chuckran Auto Parts in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

For a high-volume parts and scrap auto recycling operation, the organization and flow of vehicles is evident when you walk into the production area. By the numbers, Chuckran’s is crushing it with six figure income for annual airbag bounty. Andrew stated that it all began when he put a renewed focus on his core program five years ago, evaluating each step in their process to maximize core revenue. Once that process was firmly in place, the airbag program layered well into the recovery process. Andrew has recently been introduced to the new RAS Yard Airbag App, the YAPP.

Ask anyone who runs a high-volume recycling business what their one main fear is. Their answer is usually “don’t stop the speed at which vehicles flow through the system.” Once you bog the system down, the gains you receive from the incremental income are negated by the labor. The trick as Andrew mentioned was “to ensure a fair amount of oversight.” Spoken like a person with years of experience, right? Wait, how old did you say this guy was? Try 31. Yea, a millennial. What could he know right? This guy is the real deal and he intends to push the company forward in ways maybe even his Dad couldn’t imagine.

There is an air of pride in his voice when he talks about the 1,500+ airbags recovered from the 20,000+ vehicles processed in 2018. My take was that he was not only proud of the fact that his processes and team are working at a high level of efficiency but that he has done his part to ensure Chuckrans is doing their part for safety and taking these dangerous airbags off the street!

This business, started in 1949, has grown way beyond his grandfather’s wildest dreams. With recycling in his DNA and grooming from his father, Alan, Andrew is the next generation of Auto Recyclers. Armed with a Business Management Degree from Roger Williams University, he is well spoken and a gentleman to deal with. I first met Andrew at the ARA Hill Days several years ago. I was impressed with how he held himself and presented his case to Federal Legislators about the vital nature of the auto recycling industry. He was probably 25 years old on that trip so imagine what kind of leader he will become in the future.

On a recent frigid New England day, my colleague Tom Pegge from the RAS IT department and I visited Andrew to introduce our new Yard Airbag App (YAPP). Knowing that Andrew had been working with one of the original RAS PDAs whose time is rapidly coming to an end, we were concerned about his adoption of the new technology. After a quick talk in the office, we were heading out to the frozen tundra of the production area where Andrew gathered his primary airbag technicians, Albert and Ryan. Ever respectful of his guys, Andrew guided the conversation to their work flow and before long we all reached a consensus that this transition would be a welcome challenge for guys that enjoy their work and their role in the success of Chuckran Auto Parts.

Andrew and his team at Chuckran Auto Parts are true Bounty Hunters. It leads me to wonder why other high-volume auto recycling operations have not taken on the Airbag Bounty Program with the same tenacity and perseverance that Andrew has shown. I wouldn’t want to start a generational war between millennials and boomers by saying maybe that his youth and open mindedness gives him a fresh look at things. Team Chuckran is crushing it on the Takata Airbag Bounty, why not you?


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