Great Speakers set for URG

URG’s Theme for 2019 is “Expand the Possibilities”. Their premier conference is slated for April 11th – 13th in the inviting, sunny and warm state of Florida. Leave behind snow and cold weather for tourism of Orlando to hear the best speakers in our industry. I’m quite certain you’re familiar with speakers like, Ryan Falco from Midway Auto Parts and Rob Rainwater from Cornell’s Auto Parts. While in Orlando, you’ll hear J.C. Cahill, who lights up the room when he speaks. Don’t forget this informative duo, Chad Counts and his Dad, Robert Counts. Both are great presenters.

Also presenting from Profit Team Consulting are Mike Kunkel and Lee Worman. Another widely-known speaker within the industry is Tom Bessler from Bessler Auto Parts. I’m sure you’ll “second” my statement that Tom is a phenomenal presenter. Additions to this year’s speaker list are Roger Schroder and Theresa Colbert from Car-Part. I know you’ve heard Roger before and will want to hear him again. Theresa is one of the best speakers in our industry. I, for one, will be sitting in Theresa’s class with lots of people already named here—that is, if they don’t have to speak during her time-slot. Theresa is that good!

Let me share with you Friday’s lineup. Friday, keynote speaker is Andy Latham from the U.K. Everyone needs to hear Andy, including the exhibitors. Andy will teach us how to save a life. The life saved just might be your own. As an expert in safe handling of electric and hybrid vehicles, Andy is an excellent speaker. If you miss his keynote on Friday, then you’ve missed important, life information.

With the lineup that I’ve mentioned so far, you’re probably wondering if there’s anyone left for Saturday? Without a doubt there is! URG’s Saturday keynote speaker is Mike Hourigan. Mike will be delivering a mind-challenging topic, “What Does Change Have To Do With Sales?” Also, on Saturday, George Avery’s section will focus on customer service when he covers the segment, “Anyone Can Give Good Customer Service When You Feel Like It.”

Michael Clay, another guy who gets big bucks to speak to Google and other top marketing companies, will have 2 break-out sessions. If you miss either session, you’ll be sorry. Mike owns Clay Digital. By the way, Richard Flint is back. Hear Richard as he reveals “How to Expand Your Possibilities”.  Make sure all your team members get a chance to hear Richard and other speakers. Since Hollander Solera and IAA are the main sponsors, they have many classes that you should attend. So does CCC Pinnacle who’s a key sponsor.

Make sure you mark down a new name, Brian Riker. Brian is associated with Mike James at e-Comply. Brian is also a good presenter.  I’ve learned a great deal from Mike and Brian. Yes, also speaking this year are Mike Lambert and John Johnson of Buddy Automotive Innovations. During the same time slot as the Panel Session are Mark Gamble from Team PRP, my dear friend, Bo Wroten with RCD and Jim McKinney with Midwest Runners. The panel discussion will focus on they will focus on “Features and Qualifications of Joining a Trading Group.”

As you can see, there will be so much material, techniques and industry learning available to everyone that attends the URG Conference in April. The only way you’ll miss getting this vital information is by skipping the conference. If you don’t care about getting better at what you do, then URG’s conference isn’t for you. However, if you want to improve your bottom line and expand your possibilities, you will find a way to be in Orlando between April 11th and the 13th. This conference is created by recyclers for recyclers. You don’t have to belong to URG to attend this conference. Oh yes! Stop by the Recyclers Power Source booth and say, “HI”.

See you there.

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