Ain’t no Cure for the Summertime Blues

In the 1960’s song “Summertime Blues”, a son laments about all the things he wants to do over the Summer like going on a date, taking out the family car for a Sunday ride, or taking a fun vacation. Each time he is chastised for either not working hard enough, being too young to vote, or having to work late. Hence the refrain “But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”. I encourage you to check out this classic by Eddie Cochran and Jerry Neal Capehart on YouTube. Most of us fondly look back at our childhoods for the great Summers we had but most of us probably had to give up some of those times due to working a summer job, possibly at the family recycling business.

While we hope your Summer is filled with family fun, vacations, and other warm weather merriments, the fact is our work never stops. Maybe you haven’t really kicked in your Airbag Bounty Recovery yet??? Hint, hint. Let’s put those enterprising young souls on the latest and greatest mission…Be a Lifesaver, Yank That Bag!

The fact is there is never a good time to launch a new project. Winter is fraught with ice, snow, and other hardships. Spring means that business gets a good kick in the pants and everyone is so busy, we spend our fall ratcheting up our preparations for winter, and the vicious cycle continues.

Hmmm. Hold on. Did you say that we might have some high school or perhaps college age family members working for the Summer? Might that same generation enjoy using technology, like apps? See where I am going? How about we introduce them to the new RAS YAPP (Yard Airbag App). What better idea to finally scan the yard for any additional Bounty Revenue. Yes!, Eureka!, Hallelujah! Finally, a job that will challenge them, make the company some money, and provide a mission to save lives…one airbag at a time. You are probably paying for their phone and monthly service anyway, might as well get some productivity out of it.

Our New Recall App, the YAPP (Yard Airbag APP)
Have you heard about our new YAPP? The App allows you to use your cell phone to identify valid recalls right at the vehicle. Printed tags are a thing of the past. The YAPP proceeds to walk the user through the process of taking some basic photos, airbag removal, and then marking the bags to “Add to Cart”. As easy as Amazon, except this is putting Bounty Revenue in your checkbook versus pulling it out. Contact to get set up.

Bonus Round – Did You Hear?
Oh my gosh, let’s not forget that we just launched our Deployed Airbag program where you get paid for taking additional photos of Deployed and/or missing airbags. Yes, it’s true. Right now, we have soft launched the program with Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles but additional automakers will be coming on board very soon.

Let’s avoid the “Summertime Blues”, allow our children to feel a sense of mission by saving lives, and put a few dollars in the checkbook.


Katie the “Recall Gal” and Paul the “Recall Guy” represent the RAS Recall Team. Their Mission is to rid the planet of defective Airbags.

Want to join the Mission? Call our Recall Team 877-829-1553 x 160