Owning the Space by Creating Value

If you search for “automotive recycler” in your zip code area, what would show up? There are two spaces that you want.

The first is the one to the right side of the screen that shows the name of a company, its location, hours, link to directions and its website.

The second is on the left side and lists 3 or 4 companies with a map that shows the location of these companies and then below that is the basic information with name, phone number and address.

In this digital age your company needs to appear in one or both of these spaces. This applies both to full service and self-service business. There are companies that specialize in monitoring and some will alert you to negative comments.

What are Your Customers Saying?
If you enter your name in a google search you will be able to see your reviews on the left side of the screen below your company information. Customers can see reviews of your company good and bad.

There is also a numerical rating from 1 to 5 that produces a rolling average of your reviews. Anything under 4 would not be acceptable. In most cases it has nothing to do with the price. It has everything with the help received and the response if there was a problem. Someone in your company should be reviewing this often and responding to both good and bad reviews.

What are the Buying Habits of Customers?
In the last decade shopping habits have changed dramatically. Fewer and fewer shoppers need to see and feel a product to buy it. Customers are more interested in an expedited experience that gives them choice, but also an experience that is quick and convenient. The convenience is more in the delivery than in the purchase. It just shows up at the door!

Again, it is not the price that drives the buying decision it is the convenience and the reliability that triumphs. Most people who purchase consistently online can’t tell you what they paid for something, but can certainly tell you about the experience. When a person buys they receive:

  • A confirmation email which restates the purchase and thanks the customer for the purchase, and
  • Tracking information that allows the customer to know what stage their purchase is in and when it will arrive. I love that about online buying. That is one of the things you could manage and it would make your customers
    extremely happy.

Enhancing the Customer Experience
Over the last 5 years or so some very big box stores have gone out of business. We are at the point where we are amazed that some box stores are still in business. Given the overwhelming competitive edge of Amazon and such how does a box store stay in business and in some case show tremendous growth?

Only one way and that is to provide a better experience than their competition. They serve their customers better; they partner with their partners better; and they provide an experience that matches their customers’ needs and interests.

If you are a self-serve business you are looking to learn as much as possible about your customers.

  • What are they looking for?
  • Did they find it?
  • Do they know we have ways to find it?
  • What can we do better?
  • Did they check out our website for new arrivals?

There is crossover with full-service, but it is more focused on delivery and also availability.

  • Did we help you find what you needed?
  • Did we meet our promises?
  • What can we do better?
  • Did they check out our inventory online?

Growing and staying in business is all about being focused on the customer experience. If you do this well, you will be successful and you will grow.

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