Celebrating 70 Years!

A&A Midwest is celebrating our 70th anniversary throughout 2019. Started by Aaron and Alex Stolberg in 1949 from very humble beginnings. Today A&A is the industry leader in Engine and Transmission core supply as well as OEM type replacement parts and automotive recycling.

A&A started out with a narrow focus of selling engines to engine remanufacturers. That served the company well for its first 35 years. In 1985 with the next generation joining the company we looked to expand.

First was transmissions it was a natural with our existing engine business. Our goal was to be as knowledgeable and have the variety of inventory that we have in the engine business. Today we have over 25,000 transmissions in inventory. We handle torque converters, transfer cases as well as manual and automatic transmissions.

In 1987 we started to receive requests for items we either could not find or the ones available had very high fall out rates. This led us to establish the EngineQuest (EQ) division. Today EngineQuest has over 500-line items for sale from Head Bolts, Cylinder Heads, timing covers and much more. In todays cost and quality conscious world EQ has set itself apart from others. Direct contact with the factories, and stringent quality standards and inspection guarantee a quality product at a reasonable cost.

Around this time A&A realized that converting cores was a way to expand our sales. In some cases, it was drilling and tapping additional holes to expand the application coverage. Converting non A.I.R. heads to A.I.R. or adding a mechanical fuel pump to an EFI block. Today A&A’s machine shop still converts cores to help keep our order fill at its maximum. We also have parts available that otherwise would not be available.

In the early 2000s A&A began buying whole vehicles. The need was twofold, first was to get more of the cores our customers desire. Second A&A had developed an export market for complete cut out engines. This further diversified our sales and opened markets for items we otherwise could not sell. Today we processed almost 2,000 end of life vehicles annually.

A&A was always a large scrap metal generator from our engine and transmission processing. In order to maximize revenue by filling trucks to the maximum, we began buying and selling automotive scrap. Specializing in automotive and non-ferrous scrap, A&A today process and ships over 20 million pounds of scrap annually.

A&A will continue to grow and look for expansion opportunities in ours and related industries. Our fully automated inventory and order processing system has helped us get your order on the way sooner and more accurately. Through constant improvement A&A Midwest is situated to continue to prosper for many years to come.