My Favorite Author

Perhaps, after finishing book #40 by my favorite author, I would find it less desirable than the other 39. Not so! I’m still enamored with his writings and must admit that Max Lucado is still my favorite author with #40, Unshakable Hope. Purchased by my daughter, it was presented for Father’s Day. Not only is this book a keeper, but it has a sweet, encouraging story that will lighten your spirit and awaken an “unshakeable hope” that is deep inside of you…no matter what you’re experiencing today.

The scene was a sunny afternoon in 2008 perfect for a ballgame between two women softball teams, both playing a game of their lifetime. Amid the picturesque rocks of the Cascade Mountains, it was a remarkable sight as the Oregon team faced off against the Washington team inside a chain-link fence before hundreds of fans. The tension was fierce as the winner would advance to the division playoffs while the loser would hang up their gloves and head home.

The Western Oregon Wolves were a dependable bunch with consistently strong hitters. However, Sara Tuckolsky was not one. The only reason Sara was playing in the game was because the 1st string, right fielder had missed a fly ball. As Sara approached home plate, the crowd was sure that with her .153 batting average that Sara wouldn’t be able to get anyone across home plate. On that Saturday, Sara’s life was about to change. With two runners on base, Sara connected with the pitcher’s curve ball and rocketed it over the left field fence.

In her excitement, Sara missed touching first base. Her coach shouted for her to return to touch it. When she turned and started back toward first base, something popped in her knee. Down she went. In excruciating pain, Sara managed to drag herself back to first and pulled her knee to her chest in pain. She asked the first base coach, “What do I do?” The umpire wasn’t sure either. He knew if Sara’s teammates helped, Sara would be out. Intuitively, Sara knew if she really tried to stand that she would collapse to the ground. Her team couldn’t help her. Her leg couldn’t support her even if somehow, she could get to home plate. In desperation, the umpires huddled. It was a situation!

And, as the umpires huddled for consensus, Sara groaned . . . and rightfully so. May I make a comparison here? (Remember, Max Lucado is a preacher who also happens to write wonderful books) but I see an illustration in this moment. You and I have lots in common with Sara Tucholsky. We, too, at some point in our lives, have stumbled. Maybe not in softball, but in LIFE. Even with ethics and honesty, we may have done our best only to trip and fall. Sometimes, our finest efforts have left us flat on our backs. Like Sara, we are battered, not by torn ligaments but by broken hearts, waning spirits, and an unclear vision.

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Let’s return to our story about Sara who tore an ACL during her home run trot. When we left the story, Sara was lying on the ground, clutching her knee with one hand, and touching first base with the other.

Mallory Holtman, the first baseman for the opposing team said to the umpires, “Hey, can I help her around the bases?” A surprised umpire answered with, “Why would you want to do that?”, hesitated, shrugged and said, “Do it!” So, Mallory did. She signaled for the shortstop to help her, and the two opposing players walked toward the opposing player. “We are going to pick you up and carry you around the bases.” By this time, tears were streaming down Sara’s cheeks. “Thank you”, she said.  Mallory and her teammate paused long enough at second and then third to lower Sara’s foot while she touched each base. By the time, they headed home, spectators had risen to their feet. Sara’s teammates had gathered at home plate, and Sara was smiling like a homecoming queen.

We need to help each other. Being a Christian, I have confidence God will get me home. All of us need to help others in our industry even with an occasional kind word. It might just be what takes someone else to the next base.

See you next time.

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