The Good Employee

Nothing is more valuable that a good employee. They show up on time, they do what is expected of them, and they solve more problems than they create. Good employees are eager to improve and are willing to make the effort to learn. They are respected and trusted not only by their employer, but also by other employees.

Companies that flourish and grow never stop looking for this type of employees. They pay more for their average employee and yet it costs them less as a percentage of income. They are able to hire people from outside the industry and integrate them into a working culture and process designed for highly productive employees.

A great manager is even more rare and great companies tirelessly look for and even recruit them. They are game changers; they are multipliers in any business. In many cases they can accomplish for a company what ownership has not been able to accomplish.

Some owners find it difficult to communicate their vision and their expectations. They expect their employees to be as focused, dedicated and as result-driven as they are. They become frustrated and then they take that frustration out on any and every one. They drive away good employees or they drive their employees into a defensive posture and end up with employees who have little or no self-esteem and thus little or no drive.

Great managers find and cultivate good employees. They are able to build teams by providing an environment that gives opportunity for personal growth as well as team growth. Most teams fail because they are under-resourced, under-trained or do not have the requisite skills to do the job. All of this is the responsibility of leaders and managers.

Present in all successful teams are good people with the proper training and tools to be successful. Training is not an option it is a staple of success. I would venture to guess that the percentage of recyclers that provide ongoing training is less than 5%.

Training is an investment that pays dividends just as surely as fresh inventory produces sales. Successful companies are those that continuously invest in their people inventory. They provide training in technique as well as training in technology. They provide access to new technology that provides better opportunities for their employees to increase their rate of success.

There are many good people who will never own their own business. But, they are looking for an opportunity to help a business grow and reach new heights of success. They are looking for an opportunity and a place to use their talents and skills. Many of you have that place and could provide that opportunity. You need them and they need you.

Some of you have talented people who just need to be trained and properly managed. Most sales people need some type of ongoing training. Newer or less developed sales people require daily or weekly training for extended periods of time. If you have a gifted sales manager then that can be accomplished in house. If you do not, then you must find the training elsewhere.

Regardless of your circumstances you must find good people, and provide an environment where they can be successful.

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