Announcement: Non-Bounty NHTSA Alerts

YMM System based on Year, Make Model — Focus on BMW, Dodge/Chrysler, VW/Audi

The RAS Bounty program for defective Takata Airbags is based on VIN verification of vehicles by the Recycler. We provide the tools and software to verify those VIN’s against our recall buyback database. The industry is to be applauded for a significant increase in participation this year. The number of defective airbags being recovered and sent for destruction has skyrocketed! But we are not taking our foot off the pedal. We are continually refining our program to make it easier and more efficient for recyclers to identify and process these dangerous products.

The Takata Recall program for Auto Recyclers can be broken down into two groups:

  1. Bounty Program – includes those automakers who have contracted with RAS to provide funds to facilitate the identification, validation, recovery, transport and ultimate destruction of defective Takata airbags.
  2. Non-Bounty Recalls – OEs have Takata airbags under recall but choose to remedy on-the-road vehicles through the Dealer Channel and not fund an End-of-Life Program. RAS continues to aggressively pursue these automakers.

The Non-Bounty NHTSA Alert uses the year, make, model to ping the NHTSA site to identify vehicles from automakers that are not offering a bounty.

Note: the Alert is not telling you this vehicle has a defective Takata Airbag.

The Alert flags the VIN based on the decoded year, make, and model as being part of a general recall campaign. Recyclers can choose to either deface the airbag to prevent it being inadvertently sold, or run the VIN on to determine whether the vehicle in fact has a defective airbag.

Many recyclers tell us that knowing whether an airbag might be Takata or not is enough for them to take action. Our goal is to give Recyclers the tools they need to identify all recalled Takata airbags.

This new program rolled out in July.

Katie the “Recall Gal” and Paul the “Recall Guy” represent the RAS Recall Team. Their Mission is to rid the planet of defective Airbags.

Want to join the Mission? Call our Recall Team 877-829-1553 x 160