Live Your Life & Forget Your Age

On May 7th, 2019, stem cells were injected into my right leg. I had been living with severe pain for two to three years and consulted with eleven doctors from various ends of the healthcare market in the last 16 months. To my chagrin, I’ve seen more doctors than some people see in a lifetime.

Here’s the reason I want to write about this. I might be in my later years, but I am not ready to retire. While on the sidelines, I’ve watched some people go to their grave without their song being sung. Most of the people that will come to the Tri-State Summit & Expo in Indianapolis on August 16th and 17th, 2019 will say, “Boy, DJ has lost some weight.” True! And I’m quite proud of my accomplishment. With stem cells that daily Stella I’ve enjoyed is no more. So, when we get together at the Hilton in Indianapolis Hotel and Suites, there will be no beer that night for DJ. However, on a special occasion, I can have 6 ounces of red wine. So, if you live in Indiana, Ohio, or Kentucky, make sure you are there. You might catch Ole DJ enjoying a red libation.

By the time September rolls around, I will be in great shape for the New York Show where all the ARANY people are along with PRP-NE. This new concept is ARNE. This great event will be held in Albany, New York at the Capital Center and Renaissance Hotel. The dates are September 26th – 28th. Go to or call 1.800.944.7278 for more details.

Every day, I live one day at a time. Having events to speak at keeps me going. Because of my age, I seem to have more time and sometimes more inclination to help other people. I love spending time with my grandchildren and try to see them as frequently as possible because they light-up my day.

Your later years can be very pleasant and productive times if you can capture the serenity that comes from just being yourself. From my past few years’ experience with my health I know how a person should react. If you think poor health or you proclaim poor health, that is what you are going to have. If, on the other hand you see yourself upbeat, energetic, regardless of age, you’ll have a better prospective on life and you’ll feel better. I stopped looking over my shoulder years ago. Some people live in the past and never escape it. As I tell my friends, it is good to have pleasant memories, and it is okay to go back to them. My life has a bunch of sweet memories, but I don’t stay there. I try to remember good projects in my life that can affect my day. Like the “Eye Can”. Remember the last four letters of the word, American is I – C A N. God has really been good to me.

Yes, I am planning a great 2020 right now, and so should you. The world changes, and the internet changes every 90 days. In turn other things change. You need to be flexible, ready to change when needed and accept new ways of marketing. That’s a helpful tip from a mature individual, an expert marketer. I have a friend within the recycling industry who has a steel-trap mind…all right…it snapped shut years ago. Try not to be like that friend. Remember, hold onto your “tried and true” values. If they have truth, they are ageless.

For those of you who live in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, I will see you soon. All the recyclers up North should make plans to be in Albany on September 26th – 28th. No matter your age, “If you don’t give up on life, life won’t give up on you!” For those of you that pray, keep me in your prayers for a complete healing of my right leg.

See you next time!

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