Recruiting & Hiring: Understanding and Supporting Your Hiring Needs

Hiring new employees can be a daunting task.

We know it’s difficult to hire … time consuming and costly.
Where do you need to begin? Do you need to hire another salesperson? Or perhaps a dismantler because you are busy buying but you are missing engine and transmission sales because you are bottle necked in dismantling. Could it help to have a CFO handling the company finances to free up your time to manage your business?

Do you ever feel like you are never getting ahead?
People are always filling in instead of building up the company? As employers we often feel easily overwhelmed by the demands of running a business or multiple business (wrecker/recycler/used car). There are only so many hours in a workday with so much to manage. It is not always easy to take the time needed to step back and focus on the big picture. We tend to manage to the urgent, instead of the important. Which fire/s did you put out today?

How competitive and tight is the hiring market in your area?
As business owners or managers, we know we need hiring help to meet our companies growing needs. With the strong economy, more and more jobs, manufacturing on the rise, high employment rate, low unemployment rate, higher wages, bonuses, health care and benefits, low interest rates, baby boomers retiring – what does that mean? A competitive and very tight hiring market. We need to know and understand the competition.

Are you hiring and training good to great employees?
As a growing business, you will require a growing staff. Business growth can definitely be stifled because of the lack of proper staffing. So, the proper hire ensures a more successful long-term result for your company. When you net a good hire, you can train for a great employee and build the team that supports your culture.

Are you hiring, training and even re-training?
Companies often struggle with coming to terms with what is needed for the necessary personnel to allow the company to grow. You may need talent that is not present in your company and thus need to go outside to find that talent. Instead many companies promote from within and take a good employee and put them in a position for which they do not have the skill or talent. This ultimately does not accomplish what the company needs and often causes the loss of a good employee. The alternative is to determine what you really need and then go into the market place and hire the talent you need and want.

We hire a lot of salespeople in our industry. You might consider them your bread and butter. So, research and planning for the hire is needed to hire the best salesperson.

For example, once you decide to hire for a salesperson ask yourself some questions:

· How much does a salesperson in my area make?
(Instead of what do I feel comfortable paying?)

· Who is my competition? What benefits do they offer?
(Instead of we’ve always paid “X” for salesperson starting out.)

· Do I have enough office space for another salesperson? Or could we hire a salesperson to work remotely?
(Instead of filling the position and then trying to figure out if there is enough office space.)

Spending time up front thoughtfully researching and understanding your future hire will save you time, money, and frustration.

Do you need help with hiring services? Let us know. We can help to hire!

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