A&A Midwest Rebuilders Suppliers Inc. Announces Corporate Reorganization

LAS VEGAS, NV— At the opening of the 2019 APPEX show, A&A Midwest, a 70-year-old company that supplies cores and new engine parts to the engine and transmission remanufacturing industry, announced we are reorganizing our assets and will be two companies as of December 31, 2019. In the rapidly changing business and automotive environment we are in today, the owners decided two different companies would be better positioned to take advantage of the changes and opportunities of the future. As of January 2020, William “Billy” Stolberg will operate A&A Midwest in Chicago and Blue Island IL, as a high-volume, late-model engine and transmission core supplier. In addition to serving large volume remanufacturers, they will continue to supply drive train components for autos, up to class 6 trucks, for worldwide market export. Scott Stolberg will operate EngineQuest and EQ Cores & Recycling in Las Vegas, NV. EngineQuest will continue to solve remanufacturing problems by making high-quality, new parts to replace items that are not available or cannot be salvaged in the core process. EQ Cores & Recycling will concentrate on providing older cores and recycling services to auto wreckers throughout the western United States and Canada. Billy Stolberg said, “As markets and marketing continue to change, there are many opportunities. As two companies it will allow each team to focus on its strengths and grow.” Scott Stolberg commented, “With the flattening of the distribution channels we must be able to adjust. We may find ourselves doing things we never thought we would, and this allows us more opportunity to do just that.”

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