ARA 2019 Award Winners

Yes! It was the best ARA convention ever. You’ve probably heard me say that it was the best before which makes one ask why I’m saying it now. How did they surpass previous years? What really made it better this year? Well, since Jim Counts, Mike James and yours truly were given awards, it was the best ARA convention for me. Your lovable writer won the “Life-Time” Achievement award.

The President Award went to Andy Latham, while the Member of the Year award went to Greg Condon. The very prestigious, Certified Automotive Recycler of the Year award went to Pam’s Auto and they deserved it too. In fact, all these awards were given to individuals that really deserve the awards for their sacrifice to the association and the industry. The Affiliate Chapter of the Year went to none other than the Connecticut Auto Recyclers Association. The very large Apple Award went to Ginny Whelan.

Let me also name three outstanding people who received special recognition awards. Those members were Becky Berube, Amanda Zmolek, and my dear friend, Theresa Colbert from It was truly a great convention. For those of you who’ve read my article every month know that I’ve voiced my opinion that this is the finest Executive Committee ever assembled at ARA. It’s a premier team of individuals such as David Gold, then Jonathan Morrow, Chad Counselman, Scott Robertson, my dear friend Marty Hollingshead, and the newest member from Florida, the dynamic Shan McMillon.

Ok, these people have something in common. All of them have big, very successful yards, but they are different too. Each one cares about this industry and when they bleed, they bleed the red blood of ARA. David Gold had a plan and he’s indicated it’s coming together.

The convention adopted lots from URG conventions because the speakers were the best. The main speaker, Jason Redman was one of the best speakers I have heard. His humble spirit moved me. As a decorated Navy Seal, Lieutenant Redman courageously served our country with distinction in Colombia, Peru, Afghanistan and Iraq.

As I am writing this article, I’m halfway through his book, “The Trident”. I found his book to be brutally honest and heartfelt, a true warrior’s journey to hell and back. I doubt if ARA has more copies of his book. However, you could ask Sandy Blalock or just go online to: The signed copy like I have $29.99. There is a paperback version for $14.99. It would make a great Christmas gift for anyone. My final word on Jason Redman is that he reveals leadership strategies that you will adopt in your business and life.

One last thought it is about “ROE”. It stands for “Recycler Original Equipment”. My hope and prayer are that by mid-year of 2020 this “Roe-Recycler Original Equipment” trademark will be found on every shirt, jacket, and truck to promote this registration. Branding is important in business, and you’ve seen that I believe in branding. For me, it’s my doctor jacket. One thing that would greatly help our industry is if we could teach the public that every day we deal with Recycled Original Equipment. There’s no better option than to wear it proudly every day. Don’t forget to get Jason’s book.

See you next time!

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