Managing Social Media

What does managing social media in our industry mean? For some companies it can be simply posting pictures of their inventory and then leaving it there for the world to see. Other companies post memes with the hopes of building traffic to their page. But before we go into that we need to understand what managing social media means.

Managing social media is an individual or team of individuals that dedicate some or most of their time to taking care of consumers needs via social media. This is something that is relatively new within our industry, but is something that is growing each day. Customers are no longer shopping blind; they read reviews on social media and make informed decisions based off these reviews whether they are bad or good. Too many companies have simply created a Social Media page and have not managed it and ultimately this has cost those businesses money in the long run.

Reviews are some of the most overlooked areas that can really affect a company and future customers. Too many times a customer takes the time to post a comment or a review regarding time or quality of the product they received or even the customer service they received at a yard and the company does nothing. This is something that can have a serious affect with future customers and their buying potential. That is why it is important to have someone managing the social media and making sure that they are responding to these reviews. Not only are reviews important, but many customers prefer to do their shopping this way. So not only is this a platform for reviews for your company it is also another sales platform that can help grow your business.

The Steps to Managing your Social Media:

  1. Discover the correct platform. This could be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or use all three.
  2. Determine what you will post. Plan for the posting and what the content will be. This will help drive traffic to your site. (YouTube videos of inventory, pictures of your yards and staff, inventory that was recently added.) Educate your customers that you are more than just a junk yard.
  3. Respond to questions from your customers. Customers want a fast and precise response to their inquiries.
  4. Listen to what customers are saying. Make sure to interact with the customers when they mention
    your company.
  5. Manage the different communities your company is involved in currently. Stay up to date and stay consistent with different forums that your company might be a part of or interact with different Facebook groups.
  6. Respond to any negative reviews. When a customer posts a negative comment on your page, most of the time that is what most customers will see when they are looking at your page. This is not something that can be ignored the best thing to do is let everyone know that at your company when a customer is not happy you are there to take care of it.
  7. Gather data. Gathering data can help in future posts and will also help to see what your customers are saying and what they are looking for.
  8. Stay consistent. Keep posting, keep responding. Don’t stop even if you do not see the rewards immediately. They will come.

Social media is too big and is too great of a tool to just set aside and not use. According to Google nearly 80% of Americans have some sort of social media and millions of people are on Facebook alone daily. Where else can you have such a large customer base daily? If you can make your customers experience as easy and convenient as possible it will show that your company is interested, engaged and staying current. Manage your social media just like you would manage your company and you will see it grow.

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