Heard About the 21/90 Rule?


Creatures of Habit
We all know about Bad Habits because we tell ourselves that we will change some of them in our New Year Resolutions. Some of us are successful at stopping bad habits but it usually doesn’t happen without starting a new habit. Have you heard of the 21/90 rule? It usually takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. It’s no different in the Auto Recycling Industry; by nature, we are “creatures of habit”. Ask anyone who has switched their YMS (yard management system) how easy it was to change habits for themselves and their employees. Most people would agree that once they got past the first month the transition got easier, and once 90 days had passed, it’s like you have always had it.

The Most Expensive Words in Business
Have you heard the phrase “We’ve always done it that way”? This phrase is a testament to old habits that are not keeping up with the times and probably costing you more than you could ever imagine. We have developed habits for every phase of our business; inventorying parts, dismantling vehicles, draining fluids, shipping, deliveries and everything else that happens at your location. But your success in recovering airbags is measured by your commitment to incorporating new habits into your daily processes. Recyclers have established new habits and are now validating vin’s for every vehicle at check-in to determine if it has Recalls. Some of you are using our Mobile YAPP (yard airbag app) and others are using our Desktop Software.

The Habits You Develop Today for Takata Airbags Will Pay Dividends Down the Road
RAS has developed a robust platform (mobile and desktop) for Recyclers to identify, process, and ship airbags. Each of these stages require you to develop new habits. What does the future hold? We all know that it is illegal to sell recalled parts. But how do we know which parts are recalled, you might ask? Buddy Innovations has taken the initiative on this front. The Buddy Inventory device will identify all parts on recall for you. There is no doubt the major Yard Management Systems will look to incorporate this technology into their inventory process as well. We believe the Takata Recall has provided a foundation for recyclers to recognize the liability threat of recalls and given them incentive to develop new habits to handle them, whether they have bounty on them or not.

The 21/90 Rule is real. What is your timetable? What new habits need to be established at your business? Are they housekeeping habits? Dismantling habits? Inventory habits? Recall habits? The 21/90 rule must start at the top, but it is equally important to get your team accustomed to changing their ways and soon you will create a “Culture of Change”.

Need Help Developing Good Recall Habits?
Simply call or email Paul the Recall Guy at 401-458-9080 or pdadamo@coresupply.com. An Industry Veteran of 30 years, Paul has been diligent about initiating New Habits to keep up with the ever evolving auto recycling industry.