Service Under Pressure

Few things cause changes as rapidly as crises. For the most part in our lives, things start down a path we maintain a certain sense of inertia. This is often true of business relationships, partnerships, customers, vendors in that they tend to stay unchanged until certain inflection points.

I think we can all agree that COVID pandemic has been more than an inflection point for most communities. With the upheaval comes along equal parts risk and opportunity. One of the most important factors for how much risk you face or opportunity you capture will be how you respond to the pressures you face.

People remember few things better than how somewhat treats or serves them when they find themselves in need. Nothing breaks apart a relationship faster than when we fail to deliver or respond when our fellow customer or partner needs a hand. Few things cement a relationship better than going above and beyond to bring value or support to your customer.

I guarantee that there will be new opportunities with customers for every company out there. With the boom in used vehicles sales, shortage of OEM parts, dealership layoffs and reduction in accidents and inventory, the status quo will be unlikely to survive. This means you will have opportunities with customers that might have had you lower on their list and also your competition will be likely to get more cracks at your best customer than before.

This is the perfect time to zero in on the customer service mentality of your company. Strive to be at your best and as responsive as you can be when problems arise. More than ever I am grateful for valuable employees. People who step up. People who show up. People who solve problems and look for solutions. How we treat our employees during this time of uncertainty and difficulty will have a direct impact on how they treat our customers and the consistency of the product that we produce.

Are we giving our employees a sense of purpose? Do we give them a clear directive? When we ask our employees for flexibility in expanding job requirements and changing procedures, do we also demonstrate flexibility ourselves?

Your company and your marketplace are undergoing a leadership test at this very moment. Are you frozen or distracted by the challenges of the day? Are you pending time on things you can’t control? Or are you answering the bell and refining yourself to achieve the best results you can?

One of my favorite things in sales is that it is crystal clear what your objective is as soon as you answer that call: HELP YOUR CUSTOMER! Listen to what they need. Ask questions to clarify value. Provide them with a solution that meets those needs. What a blessing it is to be of service to our customers and our community during such tumultuous times. What a blessing it is to serve alongside our employees and provide them with jobs to sustain and care for their families.

Every job that a family depends on is essential. Every vehicle on the road and the lives they carry matter. Every repair, every part, every employee matters. These are simple truths that often go unnoticed when everything is going well.

By staying locked in on our focus to serve our costumes, to meet their needs and exceed their expectations, we have an opportunity to rise above the competition and deliver when many are failing. If you can deliver for your employees during a time of crisis, what can’t your company accomplish? Likewise, if you can deliver for your customers during a time of crisis, when can’t you deliver?

Be relentless in your commitment to delivering on your promises. Be responsive and proactive when something goes wrong. Be a source of confidence and reliability during a time of crises. Make your mark on your company, your employees, and your customers.

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