Memories Live Forever

Our memories are special to us because they tell our personal story. Oscar Wilde saw memories as a part of a mental, personal diary that a person adds to throughout their lifetime. So true! As we create them, no one can take your memories from you because each day is a beginning or an addition to other memories. Rosa Parks said it best with this statement, “Memories of our lives, of our works, and our deeds will continue in others.”

You probably have some favorite memories. I certainly do. Recently, I was sharing with my grandchildren what a “butterfly kiss” is. A butterfly kiss happens when you brush the cheek of children you love with your eyelashes. Do you remember dancing with a child while their shoes were parked on top of yours while moving around the dance floor? I have. At many weddings, I’ve gone home with sore feet for carrying my little girl around the dance floor that way. And, I’ve said things like, “How much do you love me?”, as I stretched my arms out as wide as I could while my daughter would respond with her arms outstretched. Today, my grandchildren do the same to me.

Here’s one memory which occurred when my daughter was 3 years old. As I did as much as I could in those early years, I filled the bathtub with her favorite bubbles. As the tub filled with mounds of those fluffy bubbles, Erin would pat some between her nose and lips and others she pasted on her chin. By the time she was done, she resembled Colonel Sanders. “Hello Sir,” she would say. “I’m Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken. I know you love my chicken. What can I get you?” I cannot forget that scene because it has left an undeniable mark on my memory. Erin knew that I loved chicken because I ate it often.

Another precious memory was when Erin said her prayers at night before jumping into bed. She always prayed for my dad and his wife, her mom and her mom’s parents – without fail. Last night, my grandchildren told me that they pray for me and my bad leg every night. Rosa Parks said it right. What I created is continuing through my daughter and her children.

Memories can also come from teaching moments. To teach my daughter how to count and add quickly, I would drive her to Walmart with the promise that she could spend what she earned while in route to Walmart. All she had to do was add up the numbers on each car’s license plate in front of us. Since Walmart was only 4 miles away, Erin had to add up quickly because each correct license plate was worth 25 cents. Her average of $1.25 to $3.00 wasn’t bad earnings for the late 80s.

Forget Walmart now. My grandchildren want to shop at 5 Below or Target. My grandson prefers Learning Express. Here’s my point. Start NOW with your children. Make some memories and start some traditions. Today, I received a butterfly kiss from one of my granddaughters. I sweated a little at the eyes. I remember the moment my daughter and I danced at her wedding to the song, “Butterfly Kisses”. Hopefully, I’ll be around for my 9-year-old Granddaughter’s wedding. However, this week, she told me that her friends think I am the “coolest” grandpa. According to her new friends, my name is “G-PA.” Haley added, “but you’ll always be my grandpa.”

Friends, 2020 has really been a tough year for all of us. Since March, we have been asked to curb our church services while other businesses have remained open. Nothing seems to make much sense, and we must wear masks whenever we enter a business. While my daughter is nearing 40, my wife and I have reached 70. We don’t have as much time as she does to make more memories. Even though I don’t walk so good, I can walk slowly. In my memory bank, I’m walking faster. It makes we feel better.

As we leave this earth, we cannot take money with us. Forget 2020. It was a bad year. Create some memories with your family that will last forever. Love your family a little more and thank people around you more than you have been. Maybe you need to thank an employee or a business client for their help with your business. Finally, thank God for giving you yet another day to create more memories that can live forever.

During this month and next, I hope you have a blessed holiday season and a very, Merry Christmas to you and your family. If you’re willing to share them, I would love to hear some of your memories.

See you next time.

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