How Money Works; Secrets of the Wealthy

Over the past year or so, the lives of our families, businesses and industry have taken on a new look and something we could not see threatened our very existence. Some were prepared for these changes while others were not. And, yet while others perhaps buried their heads in the sand, some saw those changes as opportunities to make gains. When catastrophe happens, the wealthy see opportunity. Here’s your opportunity to do the same.

Written by two of my colleagues, those secrets are unleashed in the popular book, “How Money Works—Stop Being a Sucker”.  An easy read for the average reader, taking an hour or so to complete, this book helps unfold those STRATEGIES that most wealthy people use to make their money. Those secret strategies are no longer reserved for just the wealthy.  Frankly, all financial institutions will avoid disclosing information on how much money is really made of what you have invested with them. Up to this point, I have made it quite easy for you to get this information by offering the HMW book at an extremely reduced rate. However, I am about to make it even easier for you to get more in-depth information.

Now, you can get a financial education by logging onto a 30-minute session led by a financial educator. The classes are known as ELEMENTS, and each teaches specifics during each Element with the 1st class being, ELEMENTS – FOUNDATION.  In this Foundation class you will visit ground zero to change your literacy and change lives. The next class focuses on ELEMENTS – CONCEPTS.  In it you will receive life-changing money principles you were not taught in school, followed by ELEMENTS – PROTECTION which will safeguard your income because your family is counting on you.  The last two elements focus on SHORT-TERM and LONG-TERM. In ELEMENTS – SHORT-TERM, you will learn what to do right now to uncover more financial opportunities, and in ELEMENTS – LONG-TERM you will know how to pattern yourself after the wealthy for a future and legacy of independence.

Here is yet another way you can get this information.  Attend the URG conference in Dallas, Texas April 8th – 10th.  For more information, go to Logging onto their website will tell you why you need to be present in April.  If you have registered for this URG Conference, you might already be aware that I’m speaking on the valuable information found in the How Money Works book.  My URG class title is “How Money Works, Secrets of the Wealthy”.  So please sign up for this class to get your financial education before you start making decisions about your money, especially those that will impact your family and business in a major way.

Oh, yes!  A reminder!  The “URG On the Go” podcast is now available on Spotify.  iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeart Media, Amazon or wherever you get your podcasts.  Remember to like, review, and share everywhere.   The “URG On The Go” podcast is up and running. Every week, we will bring you a new informational episode.  Make sure you download and listen.  It will help improve your bottom line.  We put the peddle to the meddle in each episode.

Our first episode featured none other than the great, Bo Wroten while the second episode focused on successes of another stellar person, Mike Kunkel. And of course, not to be outdone, Ryan Falco was the focal point of the 3rd episode. Thank you, Bo, Mike and Ryan.  The fourth episode is all about our dear friend and mentor to many recyclers, Tom Bessler.  All four men have great reputations and are certainly known as successful men.  As the host of the “URG On the Go” podcast, it has been my privilege to hear from some of the best within the auto recycling business.  However, I would like to interview others.

So, please email me names of anyone you would love to hear and learn from during these challenging times.  If you have specific questions that you would like answered by certain people, feel free to submit those names and questions.

Soon, I’ll be seeing you in Dallas, Texas for the upcoming URG Conference. I am certainly looking forward to our next issue too.  Thanks for reading my article.

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