The Doctor Prescribes a Booster Shot

With Covid-19 on the rise again, it appears that everyone needs the vaccine. When it is available for me, you’ll find me in line, waiting to get mine.

Thinking about what can help our Auto Recycling industry, my prescription is simple. We need a power-packed, booster shot. And we need it now! Since I’m the doctor, yes, “The car-diologist”, mark your calendar for April 8th through the 10th. The URG 2021 Conference is being held in Dallas, Texas. Yes, we need a shot of “The New Normal”. Here’s why.

Some recyclers say, “I wish we could go back to the way it was.” No! We need to accept change and learn to embrace change. In 2020, I told people that we needed 20/20 Vision. Well, who saw this coming? Who would have ever believed that the USA, Canada, and the world would completely shut down businesses for months on end? Simple answer – NO ONE! To survive and succeed during all of this, we need to be flexible, creative, and yes, be willing to change when necessary. Change is hard. It really is. Do not look back. Have you ever considered why rear-view mirrors are small compared to the front windshield, which is much larger. Going backward is what small-thinking people do. So, look forward, expecting normal things to be new and better.

What you must look forward to on April 8th is a fun-filled time of sharing, learning and helpful, tried and proven practices. I hope you will also come to the conference along with other recyclers to participate in the URG Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament. Everyone is welcomed to play golf, even if you’re not registered for the conference.

Last year, URG gave away $40,000 in scholarships to college and trade school students. As in previous conferences, every bit of the funds raised will be distributed to deserving children of our employees, our fellow team members. URG has an auction on Friday Night to raise lots of funds that will go straight to the scholarship fund. If you own a business and have something you would like to donate for the auction happening at the Friday Night Gala, your generosity would be greatly appreciated. So, please let me know or call Jennifer McPherson directly at 512.677.6202. Or, you can go online to to learn more.

If you want to secure a booth or prefer sponsoring the beverage cart or do something special at the conference, then Jennifer is the right person to call. Every year, I buy a flag displayed at one of the golf holes. Cost is only $250. Here’s what you receive if you decide to purchase one for yourself. The flag is printed with URG on one side and your name on the other side. The flags would make the perfect addition to any office or business. Furthermore, participating in this way shows people how you feel about helping our future leaders. With Covid-19 still raging, some of our students have had to drop from school due to lack of funds. So, help us help these students. The URG Scholarship Foundation could really use your help. URG gave $40,000 away last year, and they didn’t have a golf tournament or an auction. Due to the generosity of many recyclers who stepped up and donated, we were able to award many URG Scholarships to deserving students.

Ok! Here’s the agenda for this conference. We will have 2 full days of terrific training with industry-specific speakers who are successful in their own recycling yards. These speakers speak directly to you because they are faced with the same issues as you have. You will hear them answer your questions and network with you at meals and in the halls. Vendors who can help improve your bottom line are there and will be available during the entire conference.

A premium event of the year, URG was created by recyclers for the benefit of recyclers. This conference is dedicated to helping recyclers like you through the tough challenge of change so you can discover your “New Normal”. Maybe that is why their theme for this year is “The Challenge of Change”. Let me end this by saying that I hope to see you in Dallas, Texas on April 8th through the 10th. Come the night before and play golf or just network with other recyclers.

My son-in-law gave me Arthur Blank’s new book. Blank is the Co-Founder of Home Depot whose story is covered in the chapter on Change. Former, President Jimmy Carter in that Chapter (Everything Changes but the Values) said, “We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.” Valuable words to live by from President Carter.

I’ll see you in Dallas.

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