A Podcast Just For You

Saying that 2020 was a tough year is putting it mildly. When Don Porter of URG took my advice about doing a podcast to promote his upcoming 2021 conference, here is what happened. For over 10 years, I had been using the TV studios located in Dallas, Georgia. Without fail upon my arrival there, I would pull behind the building and walk through the basement door to shoot my Car-part.com videos, ARA or state association messages and all the U-R-G short clips. Every trip there went like clockwork.

My trips there changed when I met Brandon Camp, the Associate Artiste reporter, who has interviewed and filmed lots of political people. Needless to say, Brandon has spoken with well-known people such as Donald Trump and some of his family and with President Biden and Kamala Harris as early as last month when they visited Georgia after the attack on Asian women and massage parlor businesses. Brandon let me know that his father, Chuck Camp, would rather be there in the radio station then be down in the basement filming little message for websites and your Lyft commercials. I was surprised to hear that was the case, but I honestly believe Brandon knew what his father enjoyed doing the most.

After that revelation, URG and I started working with the former radio disc jockey and announcer, Chuck Camp and it’s been wonderful ever since. The URG podcast is up and running and doing great. Every week different episodes are released from names you know, such as Ryan Falco from Midway and Mike Kunkel from Profit Team Consulting. All of us know Bo Wroten, Tom Bessler and the list goes on. Each have been wonderful and informative and can be heard on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, iHeart Media, Stitcher, Amazon or wherever you get your podcasts.

The URG podcasts have gone well, so we have added Eagle Auto Parts in Martinsburg, West Virginia. As Doug Williams, their GM, aptly stated, “It’s like having a little radio show every week just about us.”

A fellow speaker in Wisconsin let me know that she has always wanted a podcast but did not have the money to pull it off. Upon first consideration, she was told $4,000 for the first 4 weeks and $895 a month. After hearing that her aspiration of a podcast had faded, I described it this way. “Supposed for a moment there was a way you could have a podcast of your own for a lot less, in your opinion do you feel that a podcast would help drive your business to the next level?” If after knowing what I told her and you agree it would benefit you too, then you will love talking with Chuck Camp about what we can do for you.

Chuck has all the equipment. He has been around radio stations for decades and can edit and produce better then anyone I know. Plus, Chuck is low-cost friendly and does all the intro and outro music, the show and episode format, audio recording and any editing, and final submission to all podcast platforms like iTunes, etc. Plus, Chuck will provide you with extra promotional tips. Where could you get another offer that good? Call me if you want a turnkey for your program. However, first listen to URG on the Go or Eagle Auto Parts on the Go and then ask yourself if you really want to improve your bottom line.

Oh yes, we also do the weekly podcast of Power Pack Promises by Mike French. All of us know Mike from Tool Box Magazine. If you have heard any of those podcasts, you know Mike’s power-packed promises help with daily living.

And yes, we will be hosting a NEW Profit Team Consulting podcast with Mike Kunkel, Lee Worman and Rob Rainwater. These groups have their own equipment for recording. We will do their music editing and platform placement while keeping everything archived. So, they get a better price. As you can see, you have some choices on how much you want done.

Give me a call at 770-301-4122 and let’s talk about your future. I cannot promise you that 30 years from now, you will be like Nordstrom’s “Under the Hood” podcast. However, you will never know until you try. Shannon, Russ, and Chris are now heard on over 240 Radio Stations with 1,000s of listeners each day. One month, I need to do a story on Nordstrom because they just built a new radio broadcasting studio located at Nordstrom’s 2.0 and Easter weekend was their 9th week in their new studios. If not listening already, that is another podcast that you should not miss. See you next time.

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