Mental Health and Selling

How does mental health impact sales and why in the world should I care about mental health? The world we live in has always had problems but the last few years seems to have taken on a whole new definition of change and problems. All people experience highs and lows but as salespeople, we tend to have higher highs and therefore lower lows.

With everything that is going on in the world, the number of people having low points is staggering. One of the things that people who are having problems need is someone to talk too. Not necessarily about the problems in there live but common things that can divert their attention to a more calming state. That is one of the values of sporting events. The diversion from the daily struggle to something that is relaxing and brings different emotions to the forefront.

One of the things that allows us to build relationships with people are common interest and goals. Building positive personal and business relationships should be a constant goal for all of us. Taking time when things are slow to make relationship building phone calls will allow you to accomplish a number of positive things that could leave to even more positive outcomes.

People like to talk about themselves. If you want to build a relationship or deepen a current relationship, you need to ask questions about the person. Get them talking and they will tell you things. My good friend DJ Harrington always says we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. Listen more and talk less and you will find golden nuggets of information that will allow you to expand the relationship.

I am not saying that you are going to be their counselor but you can talk about their business life along with other social aspects in order to get the truly know them and establish a meaningful relationship. As you get to know the customer, the tone of the conversations change. Most of the time, the discussions soften and the whole selling process gets to be easier.

Why is this? It is back to the mental side of things again. Once a true relationship is built, the common bond sets in and we all want to do business with people we like and profit from dealing with. When we say profit, most of us immediately jump to the money but there is more to it than just the money. The mental side of the profit is placing orders with people that you emotionally connect with. Most people confuse friends with people they know. There is a difference but it is also factual that people want to do business with people that they know, trust and feel mentally and financially rewarded for doing business with.

What does this mean to me? First, if your customers like talking to you and feel better after talking to you, won’t they want to talk to you more? If you are helping people, you will automatically feel better yourself. The better you feel, the more effectively you can communicate with people with helps build deeper relationships. Another thing it will do for you is position you to get the true objection to the sale from the customer since you know each other and communicate well with each other. Remember that the used auto parts world is competitive and you are your biggest asset if you position yourself that way.

The goal is always the same. The company and those of us who work there are trying to make money and prosper. Prosperity has more to it than money and the mental side of it is equally important. We need to make sure that we take care of ourselves and also do what we can to help our coworkers and customers with their emotional needs as well. It is the not only the right thing to do but also the thing that will lead to the most sales long-term.

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