URG Changes Conference Dates!

URG Changes Conference Dates!
Yes, you are reading this right. The URG conference dates have changed. The URG Annual Conference that was being held in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt in April will now be held August 5th — 7th, 2021. As you can see, the place has not changed. Only the date has changed.

With the same speakers presenting and the conference date having been changed to August, I am sure it will be one of the largest attendances on record. With more time to plan, it should be. What a great opportunity to take the whole family with you to Dallas. Last year as you know, URG had no conference due to COVID-19. During that conference, I was scheduled to speak on “How Money Works, Secrets of the Wealthy.” During that class, I had planned to give away copies of the How Money Works book to all attendees, courtesy of Car-Part.com. Amazon sells that book for $16.95, plus shipping and handling. I am pleased to announce that everyone who attends my class at the August conference this year will receive a copy of the book.

During 2020, lots of you bought the book from me for $10.00 each to give away to employees and their management teams. Shannon Nordstrom bought 80 copies because he wanted to give this information to his team at Nordstrom Auto Parts in South Dakota. Rich Morrow also knew the value of helping his employees when he bought books for his group at M & M Recycling in Virginia. There were many other people who ordered books for themselves, family, or employees in 2020. The reason I am bringing this up is that I will still give away copies of the book at my URG Conference class in August. Remember, URG’s conference is the premier conference of the year available for anyone within the auto recycling industry to attend. However, if you want a book now for $10.00 which includes shipping, just call me at 770-301-4122.

Are you wondering why I keep referencing this book? Along with the Bible, the book, How Money Works should be a staple in your home or business. Here’s why. The book is chocked full of information which gives the reader a solid starting point to building a more secure life filled with confidence and a more financially independent future with many opportunities. No matter who you are and what your goals might be, security and independence are what all of us want anyway.

How Money Works is the first financial educational book that anyone, at any age can enjoy and benefit from, ages 10 all the way to 100. And, speaking of the number 100, the book has now been featured on over 100 prominent TV shows, including CNBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. Our goal is not to give you a PhD in finance but rather to teach you the basics you need to know to start making smarter decisions about your money and your wealth with a new sense of urgency. This should be taught in school, but sadly, it has not been. Remember, you do not have to be wealthy to think like the wealthy, you only need knowledge, and this is your chance to hear the secrets that the wealthy use to grow money.

Before I close off, URG has a new podcast. It can be found wherever you access your podcasts on iHeart Media, Google Play, Amazon, and really all of them. Perfect time to listen is while traveling to work by clicking on “URG on the go”. You can listen from your mobile phone to interviews of Mike Kunkel, Ryan Falco, Tom Bessler and Bo Wroten. All these podcasts are informative and ones that you will not want to miss. So, log on anytime.

Please, do not forget that the URG Conference dates have been moved to August 5th — 7th in Dallas, Texas. Make your plan now to be there and attend my class on “How Money Works, Secrets of the Wealthy”. And, if you want a book or two now, just text me on my mobile at 770-301-4122, and I will be happy to get them to you.

See you next time.

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