The Challenge of Change

Yesterday, I completed a podcast with Jay Robie, the President and CEO of Phoenix Automotive Cores. What I discovered was not really a surprise. Jay is a gifted, articulate, and smart guy! During our podcast, Jay described change we need and why so many people fight change. Jay stated, “Change is needed in today’s recycling business.” What I gleamed from our podcast conversation is that change isn’t always easy nor what we want to do but sometimes it’s a prescription for keeping our businesses healthy.

While speaking about change in the past, my friend, Chuck Camp put it this way. “DJ, life is like having a 21-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.” After doing the podcast with Jay, we concluded that to succeed in future recycling business, managers must always look at better ways to run their yards and organizations. Isn’t that what every business should be doing anyway? Well, how do we push ourselves to step out in faith with helpful change for our businesses?

The answer is simple. All of us, whether URG members or non-members, need to be in Texas, August 5th – 7th at the spectacular and relaxing, Hyatt Regency located in Dallas. The URG Conference theme this year is perfect. “The Challenge of Change, Discovering the New Normal.” Want change that will keep you ahead of the game? Then bring your team to experience the premier event of the automotive recycling industry. This URG Training Conference will help you face the challenge of change with innovative resources and helpful techniques provided by our speakers and exhibitors. During your stay in Dallas, you and your team will enjoy two days of expert training from speakers such as, Ryan Falco, Tom Bessler, Tim Wall, Chad Counts, Mike Kunkel, Lee Worman and oh, yes…Rob Rainwater, my dear friend.

Some of the most expensive words today in our recycling business are, “We have always done it that way”. So, if you have someone on your team that says anything like that make sure they attend the URG Conference and sit on the front row. They do not need to miss a single word. Remember, you do not have to be a member to attend. Plan now. For more information on this training conference go to URG’s website at

You are probably wondering why I keep saying that the Dallas conference on August 5th – 7th will be the biggest conference yet. It’s easy. People can only take so many zoom classes. True! Their brains and bottoms can only take so much learning while sitting in front of a computer screen. I call it “ZOOM FATIGUE”. Here’s another reason why you and your team should attend the conference in August.

Camaraderie! Having a beer with my friends from the same industry is something that I have missed over the past year, and something I want to do while at the conference in August. For those of us dealing with difficult business circumstances need to emerge with a New Normal. Personally, spending time with family is always good, but I have been longing to have conversations with fellow recyclers. Our August conference is my chance to do that.

All of us need to come together if only for the camaraderie, whether to play golf or to raise money for children in the Automotive Recycling Industry. I’m looking forward to eating a meal with a fellow recycler who has the same challenges I have and hear what was done to fix them. What I realize is the answers to business problems and challenges can be found at the URG Training Conference. So, I will be there, and I hope you will be there too.

The podcast with Jay Robie was spectacular. To hear it online, go to URG On The Go podcast. It can be found on iHeart Media, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, Stitcher, Amazon or wherever you get your podcasts.

Remember, URG was created by Recyclers for Recyclers. Come for a tune-up or a complete overhaul. Start making plans now to connect with like-minded recyclers. Come by the Car-Part booth and tell any Car-Part representative that you want a copy of How Money Works which is being taught in my class. Amazon sells it for $16.95, plus shipping. If you come to URG and stop by the Car-Part booth you get it for FREE.

Until next time.

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