Learned A Lot at URG

For many years, I have attended the URG Annual Conferences. During my first time there, I spent lots of time in the Car-part booth. However, it wasn’t until this year’s annual conference that it hit me on the head. I really didn’t know how many recyclers also own an independent car lot where they sell used or what I call “pre-owned” vehicles. I know lots of them sell “repairables,” but here I am, after more than 40 years of training Chevrolet dealers in the United States, learning something new. Yes, and adding to my resume, I have also trained every BMW store in the UK and spoken in Australia to over 7,000 car dealers, teaching them how to take the customer from their living room to the dealer’s showroom.

The night of the URG Scholarship auction held at the House of Blues, I could not believe what people were paying for a copy of one of my last books on “How to Sell a Used Car in the Todays Market.” The URG people are always quite generous and the proceeds of that book sale went to give others a huge “leg up”.

Training really doesn’t stop in a successful industry. That’s why all of us need to be at ARA’s 78th Annual Convention & Expo being held in Dallas, Texas on November 10th -13th. To continue improving, recyclers who want to get better and improve their bottom line will be those same people who attend ARA in November. They want to hear what successful recycling yards are doing now in this market.

While I was at the URG conference in August, I learned a lot. One thing I want to do is go back and give away all my training on YouTube. Yes, there are lots of FREE training on that platform and from now on, during the URG podcasts every week, I will reveal tips to help you and your fellow recyclers to sell more. That brings an old sales technique to mind.

Can you remember the FEEL, FELT, and FOUND technique? You can literally turn anyone around with FEEL, FELT and FOUND. Our counter or selling person dealing with repairables can use these words. To move the sale along, you can say, “I know how you FEEL. I once had a customer say those same words. But after I listened to them and knew how they FELT, I explained all our benefits here, and how many customers we have helped in the past 20 years.” After a quick breath, continue with: “They FOUND we were the best place to purchase from with good quality products and excellent service way after the sale. We are working for customers for LIFE……. not just a one-time shot.”

You do not have to say my words exactly, unless they fit your customer’s concerns. Basically with FEEL, FELT and FOUND, you’re establishing a rapport with the customer so you can easily navigate any objections they might have. You’ve heard their objections and will use those objections when customizing wording that matches their specific concerns. Before you know it, you’ll be using the FEEL, FELT and FOUND technique with ease, and you’ll sound natural too.

If after reading this article, you FEEL I can help, don’t hesitate to contact me. Even though I’m in my early 70’s, I have FELT that the last 40 years’ experience with Phone Logic training helped me so much because I’ve FOUND that “You can’t do today’s business with yesterday’s thinking”. Without a doubt, I still tell counter sales people to tell the truth, no matter what. You don’t have the item in stock, tell them you don’t. It’s always easier to remember the truth then remember what you thought you told them.

Since I’ve learned a lot, I want to pass along more helpful information to you. First, listen to URG-on-the-Go Podcast. You can find it anywhere you get your podcasts, and it’s chocked full of tidbits to help your business. Second, if you need more help, call me on my cell at 770-301-4122 about training your people. Third, I am hopeful that I’ll see you at the ARA Convention & Expo in November. Remember successful people keep on learning. Fourth, become a member of your state association because it’s a “must-do” for anyone with our industry. As a life-time member of ARA, I am proud to have been around so many successful and caring business people. Not every industry can say that. Again, if you’re not a member of your state association or ARA, start today. You’ll be glad you did.

See you next time.

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