Professionalize Your Core Team

Thinking Like The Big Boys
I have had the good fortune to work for large billion dollar companies and small family-owned enterprises, including my own and RAS. One thing that sticks out to me is the need for Professionalizing people and functions. From the old days, small, family-run businesses didn’t like titles because they felt people would pigeonhole themselves and not want to do other tasks, hence the phrase “That’s not my job.” I strongly believe that people’s resistance to go beyond their job description is more of a management issue than personal. If you build a great team, they can, and will, walk through the fire for you and do whatever is necessary.

The problem is that by not assigning titles, you allow people to squander their true talent and expertise by expecting that they can do everything, which doesn’t allow them to be good at what they are good at! In other words, think about Professionalizing the Core Function and assigning titles that accurately reflect your expectations for what you need from them to be successful.

Create a Department
Setting up a department entails identifying the tasks to be assigned, quantifiable expectations of production, and ways of measuring success. Cores and commodities will typically be assigned to the Production Manager since Dismantlers and Parts Pullers will be required to produce the parts necessary to meet goals. Communication with the “Inventory Guy” is critical as they typically initiate the core process using their inventory software.

Job Description: Introducing the New “Auto Core Technician”
While many full dismantle recyclers assign the core duties to their Dismantlers when the vehicle is in the dismantling bay, Self Service Recyclers may consider creating the Auto Core Technician role. Depending on the operation, this person would be responsible for the removal, and quality checks on auto cores, recalled airbags, and other commodity materials. Additional duties may include staging and packing core boxes.

The Name of the Game is Turning Inventory
“Turning Inventory” is how money is made in 2021. Professionalizing roles and titles will help business owners focus on their core activities and allow them to “Measure, Manage, and Improve”* their profits. We make money on the turn, not on how long we can keep product, so let’s deploy our talented resources to make the most of every vehicle purchased for inventory.

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