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Before I die, yes, all of us will die sometime.  Whether sooner or later, it’s all in God’s time. According to the aging process put into place by our Creator, my time might be closer than yours. So, please read this article as it comes from my heart.

For a while now, I have been thinking about starting an “Ambassador Club” for the URG Scholarship Foundation.  Every year URG gives away scholarships to children of people that work within our recycling industry. These deserving students need a chance. With the cost of rising tuitions nationwide, sometimes they need help a second time with funding their college or trade school. Anyone who would like to become an ambassador can pledge $11.00 per month or $132.00 a year. For more information about the URG Scholarship, please go online to the URG website located at to sign up. Or you can make your check to the URG Scholarship Foundation and send it directly to URG at the address listed on their website.

Starting in January 2022, I will be listing names of the Ambassadors on the URG Podcast and one day will list everyone in my article in the Recyclers Power Source. My hope is that everyone will have a feeling of giving, and nothing would make me happier than to list your name alongside mine and others.  

One day, many years ago, I wrote about Does Giving Make You Happier or Do Happier People Give? Giving to a charity like the URG Scholarship Foundation, which is a tax-deductible, 501c3 makes us happier, especially when we freely choose to give, whether we have little or lots of money. True happiness depends on how we choose to spend it. 

Year-after-year, I’ve seen plenty of wealthy folks within URG give at the Annual Scholarship Foundation Auction. And they do it without a blink of an eye. The Cowboy hat that I spoke about in the URG commercial went for $2500, and I paid just under $200 for that hat. It’s not the idea of the item itself but what the money spent on the item is going toward. 

The Ambassador Club is for the little guy. It’s for the parents of the students who got $4,000 this year towards a higher education. Mom or Dad could give $11.00 a month. Sometimes it’s matter of passing on one stop at Dunkin or Starbucks on the way to work. It’s for the counter guy, who doesn’t have a child yet in high school, but one day might, please give $11 a month to help someone else’s child who is. If you help now, there’s something in store for you next year.

At the convention in New Orleans, being held April 7th – 9th, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency, anyone who has already joined the Ambassador Club will have a special Ambassador Name badge.  We need you, to become an ambassador, whether a yard person, dismantler, forklift driver, or office person. As a reminder, this coming January, applications will become available for the following fall semester.  Award winners are announced at the URG Annual Training Conference in New Orleans. Remember, owners, their relatives and those owning over $100,000 in stock in the employing yard are not eligible for any scholarship money.

Ok, so the rest of you are eligible, and we need to hear from you. If you have a student that could use some financial help with their tuition for college, trade, or vocational school, go online at and learn more about applying. Please pray on it and join me in launching this Ambassador Club so we can keep our country growing.  

As I get closer to the “recycling center-in-the-sky”, I want that simple, “Feel-good attitude of giving because it leads to a feeling of self-worth knowing I have offered much needed resources to others.” If you get involved in this important cause, you and your loves ones can also feel good about giving back to others. Make sure they know you’re a URG Ambassador.  

I sure could use your help now. Make me proud that you will partner with me in this cause. I love you, and I love our future leaders too because our country needs more educated people. Let’s start with our own. Give back to this great industry by becoming an Ambassador of the URG Scholarship Foundation. It’s my hope that you won’t remember me as a “GO-GETTER but as a “GO-GIVER”. \See you next time.

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