Celebrate Quality This Year Quality is not a Gift that comes Wrapped Neatly in a Box!

Will Santa Bring you Quality in a Box for Christmas?
We won’t know for sure whether you are on the Naughty or Nice list this year, but the reality is Quality is not a gift that comes wrapped neatly in a box under your Christmas tree. It requires a great deal of effort on your part. 

As the Owner of a business, or any Leadership position, YOU are responsible for creating Quality. I have been blessed to meet so many of you over the years, and I’ve seen people who have taken their business to soaring heights, rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. I don’t believe money is their primary motivation. They are singularly focused, obsessed, you might say, with Quality.

How Do I Manage to Infuse Quality in Every Aspect of My Business?
Again, Quality doesn’t come in a box. It is inbred in everything related to your business: Employees, Customer Service, Inventory, Equipment, and Finance. Being able to prioritize and execute a plan is central to each of these areas. Building a business or department doesn’t happen overnight, but your relentless pursuit of doing it the right way every time creates a culture of change that adapts with the times. Time is the most precious of our resources; it is your friend if you use it wisely and your enemy if you squander it.

My Holiday and New Year’s Wish to all Recyclers
If there is one thing that I am sure of, Auto Recyclers are some of the most resourceful people on the planet. Our Core (you know that pun was coming) mission is to take end-of-life products and somehow make money with them. It is recycling at its best, and it happens daily all over the world. Oh, and another thing I have found out in my 31 years in the business . . . these Recyclers are some of the kindest and compassionate people you will ever associate with and are always there to lend a hand.

Scott Robertson comes to mind as one of these people. His commitment and leadership these past two years as President of ARA, represent his selfless pursuit of Quality in our Industry. To paraphrase the famous tagline at the end of the Hair Club for Men commercial, “I’m not just the President of ARA, I’m also a Member.”

News Flash: Despite Scott’s extended Presidency, unrelenting meeting and travel schedule, dealings with Automakers, Regulators, Recyclers, and other industry partners, and navigating our Industry through COVID-19, Scott has a full head of hair!

My heartfelt holiday wish is that our industry continues to innovate, cultivate, and prosper. Happy Holidays from RAS!

Make Quality Your New Year’s Obsession
While still maintaining my role as the “Recall Guy,” I have recently morphed into the Core Hunter. RAS has given me a long leash in my obsession to “Give Back” to the industry by mitigating liability on Recalls and helping Auto Recyclers continue their relentless pursuit of Quality and Profits.

Questions on QC Counts? Contact Paul the “Core Hunter” at pdadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.

Pauly D is not only the “Recall Guy” for Takata Airbags but has now morphed into the “Core Hunter” helping Recyclers maximize Core Profits by reducing deductions. Contact pauldadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.