Seen You In New Orleans!

Oh Yes! I will see you in New Orleans. Recently, I did a short video message for URG on the upcoming annual conference. When I said that I will see you, I will. However, I will let Rob Rainwater, Ryan Falco, Bill Stevens and Scott Robertson tell you why it will be a good one. Their comment on the video is truly a great opener for the next URG conference.

I believe letting these four people, that everyone knows, tell you, “See you in New Orleans” is the best start to what I believe will be the best conference ever held. First, here are the dates, April 7th through the 9th. The famous golf tournament is scheduled for April 6th. Remember, all proceeds from the golf tournament go toward the URG Scholarship Foundation. So don’t miss it. Last year they gave away $40K in scholarships to recyclers and children for college and trade school tuition.

If you bring all your team, together, you’ll experience the premier event in the automotive recycling industry. Yes, the Friday night reception will be held at World War II History Museum, US Freedom Pavilion. There’s a reason for that. Even though we shouldn’t dwell on the past, we should continually look to the future by remembering what’s happened in the past. I have spoken to lots of recyclers this past month. People are wanting meet and celebrate with fellow recyclers how we can get better. There are less people smiling these days even when it takes only 7 muscles to smile and 28 to frown.  So, ‘’STOP” working your face over time.

I was so proud of last year’s conference. We gave away two, 2014 vehicles to two very needy families and then headed to the URG Friday night program at the House of Blues where URG and recyclers across the US and Canada congregated to give over $57K to help our children for this coming year. I can’t wait to see what we give away in 2022. Scholarship applications are available on the URG website. Go to to see if your children could qualify for this year’s scholarship.

Let’s make 2022 a year to remember. Lots of new speakers will present this year. The number one electric vehicle trainer in the United States will be speaking and will also man a booth at the show. If you want to see if a booth is still available, sponsor a golf hole for $150 or sponsor an event, call Jennifer McPherson at 512-677-6202.

Most importantly, you don’t have to be a member of URG to go to this URG training conference. If you don’t want to have a fire in your yard from an electric vehicle, then come to learn how to safeguard your yard by the same people who trained Tesla and all the hybrid companies. Come hear the military interrogator, Eric Maddox when he describes the dramatic capture of Saddam Hussein. That’s right, Eric Maddox will be speaking. This will be the best attended annual conference.

I can say that because I’ve done seven different podcasts. Yes, I know it’s no secret there are more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today, and the number will skyrocket in the next year, especially with OEM’s such as Ford and Chevrolet giving public commitment to electric vehicles. That commitment includes the iconic Mustang and F-150. There are hazards and risks that you must be prepared to deal with to keep you and your team safe. I realize that I’m telling you that the number one company in the country will be at this conference. It’s because you’ll return home with everything you need for your yard. Listen intently to what I’m saying and don’t miss out on receiving FREE risk analysis and guidance service information.

If you listen to the URG podcast, “URG on the Go” every week, you’ll hear a new, inspirational episode. To help all recyclers, we are available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeart Media, Amazon or wherever you get your podcasts. Over the last months, we have had lots of your friends on this podcast.

See YOU on the podcast. AND, see YOU at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Automotive Recyclers of Michigan on May 20th – May 21st, 2022, at Morris Rose Auto Parts, Kalamazoo, Michigan where this year’s ARM Road Show and Business Networking Conference will be held. “Old DJ” will be the emcee for that weekend, and I’m looking forward to it too. I’ll also see YOU in New Orleans at the URG Annual Training Conference, April 7th – 9th and on the golf course on April 6th. See YOU in New Orleans.

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