April Is A Month of Celebrations

So Much To Celebrate!
Let’s all take a moment this month to celebrate these two monumental days in our industry. Earth Day and Reman Day represent the best of what our Industry stands for; companies who don’t just talk the talk of environmental action, but recyclers who by definition “walk the walk” in a profit minded business model that employs thousands of employees around the world and provides quality used OE parts to body and mechanical shops, as well as individual DIY’ers. Overstocked and non-necessary core parts are removed and sent to collectors who work with Remanufacturers. We take one of the planet’s most recyclable products, the automobile, and part it out for economic gain and have a downstream to handle the remainder. When done right, almost nothing goes to waste.

Let’s celebrate the 4 R’s as part of our Earth Day Celebrations. I can guarantee that most of your customers do not understand the circular nature of our industry. Become the teacher and offer presentations at your business, local schools, and civic events. Tell them about your Core Program and how important it is.

Are Reman Parts as Good as New?
Defined: “A remanufactured part fulfills a similar function as the original part. It is restored from an existing part (core), using standardized industrial processes in line with specific technical specifications. A remanufactured part is given the same warranty as a new part and it clearly identifies the part as a remanufactured part and states the manufacturer*.” In some cases, the remanufactured part is even better than the original as remanufacturers enhance the original specs to accommodate known wear points.

How Does This Benefit Auto Recyclers and Dismantlers?
It is my belief that the circular nature of OE parts cored and sold to remanufacturers completes the Circular nature of these parts. Currently the retail parts stores supply approximately 80% of the cores required by the Remanufacturers. Auto Recyclers are called upon to supply 20% of the cores. If we do not make an effort to provide quality OE Cores back to the remanufacturers, Auto Parts Retailers will resort to sourcing cheaper “aftermarket parts” to sell to their customers.

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Remanufacturing.
Whether we like or not, the circular nature of Reman parts offers us a chance to recoup some of our investment in our vehicles, while also helping to support a legitimate auto parts supply chain for the consumer. The whole process sustains and supports global employment and reduces the need to use precious resources in the manufacture of new OE Parts. In this scenario, the economic and environmental benefits are exponential.

How Can You Help in 2022.
Make a pledge to maintain a quality Core Recovery program. All of the quality Core Companies have tools to help you, but it takes patience, effort, and consistency to achieve success.

RAS celebrates it’s 50th year in the Core Industry. We work with Auto Recyclers and Dismantlers throughout the US and Canada to source valuable cores which are catalogued and stored and then made available in various quantities to Remanufacturers. Celebrate Reman and Earth Day in 2022. Remind your employees, customers, and the greater community that we are “essential” and perform a tremendous service for the planet.

Questions on QC Counts for Cores? Contact Paul at pdadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.

*As defined by APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association)

Pauly D is not only the “Recall Guy” for Takata Airbags but has now morphed into the “Core Hunter” helping Recyclers maximize Core Profits by reducing deductions. Contact pauldadamo@coresupply.com or 401-458-9080.